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Jan 20, 2003
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(I didn't see this being discussed anywhere else yet. Feel free to move/delete.)

I was feeling nostalgic enough to spend $9 on this issue yesterday, and I wish I hadn't so I wanted to summarize for others:

No tidbits about the new album or sessions, although the subhead (?) mentions that The Edge spent a lot of the pandemic working on his composing skills, and how he's gotten really into recording on a laptop at home. The fanboy in me wants to read that as a hint towards scoring work, but I doubt it.

The interview covers October and Achtung Baby. Better U2 historians than I might see something I missed, but I don't think there's anything revelatory. Edge talks about the non-Berlin sessions for Achtung Baby, which was kind of refreshing. The Hansa sessions are mentioned, natch, but it was cool to read about him demoing AB at his (then) home studio by himself, the couple of weeks at STS, and then the sessions at "Dog Town" in Dublin (which honestly, feels like the first time I'm hearing that nickname for anywhere they've recorded).

There's also a few related insets I have yet to read - a Lilywhite interview, a little ZooTV reminiscence that includes Edge and Joey from the Pixies, and a dozen or so blurbs from other guitarist regarding Mr. The Edge.
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