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"Let It Go" feels like it was written by an 11 year old.

Indeed. The middle 8 is nice, but the verse and chorus is absolutely atrocious. I watched the movie yesterday, expected something incredible but got something pretty mediocre.

I can see why it won over U2, though. It's not easy to win over a freakin' accessible animated Disney movie song, with a three minute scene especially dedicated to it.
I did like it a little better after watching it again, but I still thought it was better on Fallon.

Oh well.

Back to work, fellas. Chop chop.
I would've loved to hear Ordinary Love with some orchestral arrangement in the background. Acoustic sounded really nice at The Tonight Show, but tonight at a bigger stage it felt rushed and out of place. Something more epic and fuller would've been nice.

It was still okay, but not really something to surprise some juvenile U2 hater or amaze anyone. It was
In my eyes its all preparation for a smaller more.intimate tour setting.
After the huge 360 tour, scaling down on production and pure effing bombast;
Lets say elevation tour wise. Simple images, lighting, and more attention to the actuall performance ,all seems a preference after these smaller promotion gigs.

Thats is pretty much my bullshit theory right now . :idiot:
I don't have time to go through all the Oscar chatter and I have absolutely no interest in discussing red carpet fashion choices or whatever, but U2's performance was very nice. I like the intimacy of the setting and the way they came out of stage. Bono pulled out everything of this song that was possible in this time frame and setting. I thought it was lovely, still, surprised they chose to go with an acoustic performance again. Moving to see the standing ovations. Disappointed they didn't win but almost everyone predicted they wouldn't. That Disney song is boring as hell, but oh well ...

And yes, all of them looked great and it's very good to see them with their wives, even Adam.

Edit: Agree with domo kun about the stage setting being a possible indicator for the upcoming tour. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I watched the performance.

One for next years calendar, me thinks! :wink: Thankks for all the great photos and videos!!

Here's of Bono on stage that I don't think has been posted yet....

I do have a ton of pics to post. I think since this thread is already quite long with Oscar chat, I may post all the pics in the other Pleba Oscar thread so they will start on page 1 and people won't have to go through all the pages of Oscar play by play if they are only looking photos.... :hmm: Not sure yet, anyone think that's an idea?
I think that's a great idea and also fair to Jeannieco, who started the other thread. Maybe we can ask the mods change the titles to indicate where the images are? (I'm always thinking of future generations. ;) )
Ok I might do that a little later today then. For now here are a few I uploaded.











one from the after party, not sure if Larry went since they arent in this shot, but I found one from the red carpet where you can see Ann's dress.


No! That's hilarious! Must have been for the cameras--Edge is much too subtle to do that on accident. :applaud:
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