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I agree. Q owed her nothing, and her outburst was way out of line.
Well played blindside on Tiff. They gave no hint at Tribal that it was happening, so she never even considered playing her idol.
Charlie's a local Massachusetts guy, so rooting for him.
Going forward, I'll root for Charlie. I like Kenzie too. What town is Charlie from? My sis lives in Worcester now.
Damn, another one out with an Idol. On Facebook, someone listed the people voted out with Idols and this season is the all-time leader. The real question is: Who's next? Look out, Charlie from Manchester by the Sea. ;) I think Liz would be the best person to bring to a Final 3 because no one will for vote for her. She has no allies.
Charlie by the Sea survives!! This season is historic for a very notorious reason. Getting voted out with that fucker in your pocket. Couldn't have happened to a better guy. Lol! Maria might have been gunning for Charlie, but she didn't suggest to Q to play his idol when she heard his name being thrown around. Hmmm.
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I think Maria thought that Charlie was suggesting Q but was unaware that others were gunning for him. Just that Maria didn't realize the others were bamboozling her and Q.
This cast has done a tremendous job of not tipping off blindsides. Charlie thought he was looping Maria in to not lose her trust, and it probably ended up helping her feel comfortable that she had a successful Charlie blind side in the works.

These folks should know that an idol only has power if you play it.
Kenzie especially has been good at lulling them into a false sense of security. Liz finally had a BM and a good meal. If Maria loses the next challenge, she's out.
Another season in the books. I enjoyed this season. It was different from the other seasons of the "new era". Especially the 4 people in a row getting voted off with an idol in their pocket. I was rooting for Kenzie. Glad she won. But Charlie, I feel, was the more deserving winner. Maria and Q screwed him. Maria flat out betrayed Charlie. The whole time, she's his biggest supporter and then suddenly at the end she sees "the fire in Kenzie's eyes". Good gravy. Obviously, we all knew Ben would get zero votes once he won that final challenge. And Liz pretty much won Kenzie that million dollars by really going out of her way to help Kenzie defeat Maria and knock her out of the game. As kooky as Liz was, she caused a lot of chaos.
Not a fan of the "new era" for a host of reasons, but this season was maybe the best of the last six. Kenzie was a deserving winner, though Charlie was too. And Liz- good grief. She's on the Mount Rushmore of the most annoying players ever. I'm sure she'll be back for a future season because the producers will somehow believe that we found her endearing and likeable. She's the Awkwafina of Survivors.
I don't see Liz returning. Too many allergies. Lol! Jeff has said Season 50 will be returning players. I could see Charlie returning, but not Maria. They'd vote her out quickly. This season was probably the best of the new era. Kenzie was a good winner. Charlie was a good runner-up.
OMG So glad Kenzie won. That was a crazy season. I am friends with Marty Piombo and I talk to him all the time about Survivor lol. He said 4 idols going home is def a record. WTF is wrong with these kids. And Maria, wowwwww.
It was actually 5 idols that went home including 4 in a row. (Jem went home with one early, then the 4 in a row of Hunter, Tiffany, Venus and Q)
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