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I actually felt bad for Jess. They lumped the 2 of them together when it was pretty obvious they should vote his ass pronto.
Ok, so the name of the episode was called Scorpio Energy and it was directed at Probst. I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but Probst and I share a birthday. November 4th. Except Jeff is 11 years older than me. When Jeff busted out a knife and cut the bandana off the Idol, that is exactly something a Scorpio would do. Lol!

This episode was all over the place. Jess got played, but see ya, wouldn't want to be ya. The Indian dude's days are numbered too. Too much of a loose cannon. Especially after TC.
That tribe is a total mess.
Probably would have had a shot at the immunity challenge had they kept Jelinsky as he was tall, then again he'd have probably quit the challenge, so they'd still have lost.
Jess had zero game, and Bhanu is a problem, can't keep anything inside.
Jalinksky was an idiot lol. And Jess was an idiot too.
I like the crazy Indian guy, the one dude Ben on the green team and maybe a couple chicks. Lol still learning names.
Hi Sicy.
Yeah, sill a lot of folks on the other 2 tribes who haven't gotten much screen time yet.
I like Ben and also Charlie (of the Charlie's Angels alliance, lol) as he's a local Massachusetts guy. He and Ben going back and forth with T-Swift and Metallica songs was pretty funny. They seem like a pair who could work well together to get far in the game.
Last night's show was a bummer. I was hoping Bhanu would go, but he got a stay of execution. It sucks that Randen (?) had to leave. I liked him. Bhanu is a pretty terrible player. If you took a shot every time he cried, you would get alcohol poisoning. Kenzie is a cutey. I hope she's around until the end. ;)
When something like that happens, it makes me wonder if producers stepped in and said "Bhanu's going home but he's the person all the viewers are talking about right now, so let's evac Randen even though it's not serious so Bhanu stays around a little longer.
That Venus must be fun on a date. Woman has some anger issues.
OMG I liked Bhanu but wtf he's a little cry baby bitch and I'm over it. But ya, scripted. He needs to stay cuz he's drama.

I like Ben too.
And just like that, Bhanu is gone. Even God didn't want to help him find an idol. Lol! In other news, Hunter is a freakin' demon at challenges.
Hunter is awesome at the challenge part of the game.
He is going to have to work on the social aspect though. The scene where Soda and Tevin are singing about the upcoming food challenge and he's off moping in the corner like a kid who had his toy taken away doesn't reflect well on him lasting long after the merge.

Bhanu...possibly the worst player ever from a strategic point of view. Not as bad physically as some in the past (for example the 2 dopes who were the first 2 out last season, 1 by quitting) but just had no concept of game play whatsoever. Completely clueless.
Yes, I was thinking the same thing when they were singing and he was Mr. Aloof. You gotta at least pretend to be interested. Lol! I don't think I've ever heard the editors add music postproduction when contestants were singing. That was different.

As for Bhanu, his story of making it out of poverty was amazing but he had zero game skills. Why did he even bother being on the show? It was great that he could get by with little to no food, but there are other things involved with appearing on the show. Naturally, we're all fortunate that his name was not Bhano. :ROFLMAO:
She did. She put in a lot of time and effort to get that Idol. She was a pretty good liar. She was good at being sneaky. But in the end, she became a Survivor cliche.
I think last night's episode was the best of the season. We got to know the other contestants a little better. We all knew Hunter would find an Idol. Then we knew he'd solve the puzzle at the end of the challenge. Q's comments throughout the show were awesome! Tim seems like kind of an idiot. We finally got to know Moriah a little better and then the party was over. She did her best to expose her other tribemates, but it was too little too late. When Jeff snuffed her torch, she looked him dead in the eye and didn't say shit.

I know we're several episodes into the season, but it's cool to see Jeff in the opening credits.
Tim was pretty delusional. At this point, I'm rooting for Kenzie and Hunter to win this thing, but I like Tiffany too. Ben is nice, but I don't see him winning.
Damn, TC was crazy last night. That was a good move to get rid of Tevin. He was the largest threat. Q has lost his mind and his actions at TC probably cost him a million dollars. I don't think anyone should trust him. He's completely out there.
Dang it, Hunter. Can't believe you got played. Once he said he'd play his Idol, I knew he was gone. Kenzie did an awesome job of lying to him. They all did.
Too bad. Great challenge player, would have liked to see him compete longer, but was pretty clueless about strategy for such a smart guy.
Too bad. Great challenge player, would have liked to see him compete longer, but was pretty clueless about strategy for such a smart guy.
Yeah, for a dude that put in so much work BEFORE the show started, he failed in the strategy portion of the game.
A lot to process with Liz. Naturally, if you're limited to what you can eat, you're gonna freakin' starve. It's not like a food truck is gonna come along and start busting out burgers. We get that she's starving, but why would Q share his reward with her? She just tried to get him removed from the show. Strategically, it would make no sense to share reward with her. She is his rival. Why would he attempt to strengthen her? Sure, she had a heartwarming story about her and her daughter, but it's a freakin' game. I don't see Q winning the game, but he did what he had to do.

Tiffany became another Survivor cliche.

Charlie is kicking ass. He's a frontrunner now.
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