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I haven't refined it fully, but

I can see those Trump Towers/I know about those golden showers/All you can see is a Russian whore/As Putin looks in the door/Man peels off those dollar bills etc etc


I am struggling on extending it properly but it's way more solid than I expected. I'm a hopeless writer.
You need to send it to Bono.

I think I'm already testing my bandmates' patience with my proposal to cover Exit/Bullet. And with my general inability to articulate coherently how the songs I've written are meant to go.
I'd question my chances of getting golden showers and Russian whores to the stage, but it seems like they really think "fuck it"

It would probably raise fewer eyebrows than the Eeny Meeny Miny Moe snippet in Exit.
Heh, I do enjoy talking to some people. An ex mentioned she plans to lie to her son to avoid rides at Rainbows End she doesn't want to do.

I told her I'd do the same, but yet I love flying gliders. Where you may not get home and the only place you're flying to is the crash site.

At least then I could tell St Peter "I fucked up". He'd tell I'd fucked up twice as I was clearly at the wrong set of gates.
I remember when I was a kid and thought Rainbow's End looked like the most amazing thing in the world.

Never been there and now it just looks lame compared to, well, every theme park everywhere else.
And, so, band rehearsal went well tonight.

Which means I'll be playing a gig in three weeks.

Well shit.
It helps I have a fucking amazing guitarist.

And U-Wen on drums!
For the record, the set will include a cover of Exit/Bullet the Blue Sky.
I almost never use Siri. Occasionally I use her to get quick information without having to type it into google. The other day I used Siri to identify a song that was playing in the winery I was visiting.
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