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Jun 1, 2009
Hello everyone,

I have a ton of things to sell. I just moved again and honestly I am tired of moving it. :huh:

There is anything from vinyl, books, cassette tapes, CD's, singles, magazines etc etc to get rid of at decent prices!

I don't have a list of items yet but if there is anything you are looking for let me know and I will get back to you.

Thanks :up:
Also, I have the books that I got when Bono was the 2003 Person of the Year. I did go to this! :cute: It was a small event and I figure that these are pretty rare, so I will take best offer (no less than $100). If no one wants them here I will then put everything on ebay. The tribute journal is really something to look at! They are old and they have a tiny bit of wear and water damage from when they got wet after the event; after I put them in my car I left the window down and dew collected on everything..but its barely noticable to the great photos and letters inside. :love:

Can you tell me the CD's you have for sale & how much?

Although & forgive me I am always a little leary when someone joins in order to sell things:hmm:

I am old though


Hi everyone,

I am so sorry that I haven't been able to get back to this thread and emails for so long! My laptop was having problems and I had to send it in to be fixed and just got it back today. :angry:

I did join to sell things, but I used to be a member here many years ago. Since then, life has changed and I never got back here anymore.

I am currently making an inventory of everything and will post within the hour or so. Thank you. :hug:
I will consider all reasonable offers! More you buy the more I deal on prices!!! I need to pay for tuition somehow :reject: so get it here before it goes to Ebay.


-Three 7" - $75
This is the CBS reissue and no original sleeve
- Gloria 7" - $25
Ireland CBSA 1718
-Fire 7" - $25
CBS 1376
-The Saints Are Coming 7" -$10
-Beautiful Day 12" - $8
USA Interscope 3145629721
-Where The Streets Have No Name 12" - $10
Island 0-96740
-With or Without You 12" - $10
Island 0-96786
-Boy LP $30
ILPS 9646 Phillipines
-War LP Promo - $15
-October LP - $30
ILPS 9680 Printed in USA but it's not on the @u2 Collectors list
-Wide Awake In America - $6
USA 90279-1-A Sleeve damage on front.
- The Joshua Tree LP - $7
- The Unforgettable Fire LP - $10
- Under a Blood Red Sky - $4
-U218 Singles - $30

Cassette Tapes All for $10 or $2 each:
- Where The Streets Have No Name
- Desire
- With Or Without You
- Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
- Under A Blood Red Sky
- Stay (Faraway, so close!)
- Achtung Baby
- Achtung Baby

CD's all for $20 or $4 Each:
-The Unforgettable Fire
-Achtung Baby
-How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
-All That You Can't Leave Behind
-The Best Of 1980-1990
-Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1

CD Singles $18 for all for $5 each:
- Discotheque/Holy Joe Garage Mix
- Vertigo/Are You Gonna Wait Forever?
- All Because Of You
- The Saints Are Coming
- City of Blinding Lights/All Because of You

VHS: $5 each
- Achtung Baby The Videos, Cameos etc
- Rattle And Hum

- Best Of 1990-2000 With the History Mix CD included $10
- U218 Singles Deluxe $20
- ZooTV Live $15
- Vertigo Live From Chicago $15
- How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb Boxset $20
- Window In The Skies $8

- Vertigo Tour Program $15
- U2 and Philosophy $10
- Unforgettable Fire The Definitive Bio of U2 $9
- Walk On The Spiritual Journey of U2 $8
- On the Move- Bono $5
- U2 by U2 $20
- Best of Propaganda $10
- U2 Live A Concert Docu. The Fly Cover $10
- U2 Burning Desire $5
- Peter and the Wolf Boxset $15
- U2 Faraway So Close $10
- U2 Touch the Flame $8
- U2 Stories for Boys $8
- U2 Into the Heart $8
- Bono In The Name Of Love $5
- Bono In Conversation $5
- U2 At The End of The World $3 or free with purchase over $10
- Bono His life Music and Passions (old library book damaged) $3 or free with purchase over $10

U2007 Calendar $5 (great Photos to have or just to collect)

Magazines $3 each or $20 for all :
Spin April 2001 w/ Bono on cover for Spin top 40
Mint w/ Label
Spin Dec 2004 w/ U2 on cover
light shelf wear
Time Persons of the Year 2005
Time Nov 2005 The Global Health Issue
Mint Bono essay in back
Time Aug 2007
Mint Bono essay in back
Bloomberg Market Mag March 2007
Mint 10 page story "Bono INC." with pics
Q Mags Issues 246,247,248 Jan, Feb, March 2007
All have cover stories of Bono/U2 Mint except minor tear on 246 cover
Vanity Fair Special Issue edited by Bono July 2007
I have the 2 Issues with Bono on the cover Mint
New York Times Magazine The Statesman Sept 2005
Bono on Cover Fair Condition. Cover has shelf wear
RollingStone Nov 2005
Good Bono on Cover Interview
Rolling Stone December 2004 Jan 2005 U2 on Cover
Bottom of cover torn off
RollingStone Nov 1991 U2 on Cover making of Achtung Baby
Excellent for its age!
RollingStone March 1989 Bono on Cover Voice & Band of the year
Excellent for its age!
Thanks Sicy. I have to admit when I saw that you had posted here I was afraid I had broke the rules in some way. :huh: Glad to see not! :D

And just so everyone is notified ahead of time, prices are all without postage unless stated otherwise. I am not a person who tries to rip people off by charging over and above postage. So, whatever it costs me is what you pay. I usually ship media mail (except for higher priced items) but if you want something faster/insured/delivery comp. it is at your expense.

Hehe nope, that's what this forum is for. :D

Do you have any posters?

Also I might be interested in your UF book...
I agree with Sicy.....a very nice collection. I am also interested in another book. Best of Propaganda. If no one else has e-mailed you, about this. Thanks!
Hehe nope, that's what this forum is for. :D

Do you have any posters?

Also I might be interested in your UF book...
I do have a few posters, Vertigo tour poster from Cleveland and a few others. Right now they are packed up so I will post in a few days of their condition etc when I can get them from storage.

Thanks for the PMs....Bluskies.

I am still interested in U2 at the end of the world and Best of Propaganda. Also, the Rolling Stone issue March 1989...if it isn't sold to someone else. I will send the money this weekend.

Let me know about the Rolling Stone issue.....thanks!

P.S. Also, Rolling Stone 1991 making of Achtung Baby.
Thank you so much for the items. Quality items and carefully good!
If anyone is interested in anything please let me know and I am OPEN to offers!

Really want rid of this stuff soon! :wave:
Hi bluskies! My books and magazines just arrived and they are in great condition! Thanks again and all of my best wishes to you. Study hard, an education is worth it.

Take care :hug:
Hello :)

Do you have any of the magazines left?..I'm interested in the 1989 one with ..Let me know..thank you! :)
I'm sorry it took me so I dont have the 89 Mag anymore but I do have the Fire LP left
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