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May 10, 2011
I am a big fan of rock music over very many years. It is a consuming passion. I love U2 of course, but I greatly appreciate other artists such as Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, for the oldest and then lately Florence and the Machine, Bon Iver, just to name a few. The music led me to the radio. By a combination of circumstance I got on a local radio as a volunteer to look after a show on live music, in which I program one hour of excerpts from concerts by different artists and another hour by an artist. I say that this is totally non-commercial radio and I live in France. It works by passion, without knowing whether the public likes it or not. A few months ago, I had the radio tuning to program a series of programs on the format of 5 minutes whose central subject is U2. 5 minutes to talk about events or a song that marked the group, using sound illustrations of course. I imagined in my wildest dreams to interview the band members on certain topics. attention, this approach has no mercantile, but allows to reconcile the fact of being a fan and to honor the group by issuing a tribute to all they have done for music and more sure. I undertook to send a message to Principle Management but I received no response. If anyone has contact details for a little easier group.
It would be interesting to know your opinion on 30 events that influenced the band's career. In your opinion, which to choose?
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