Saw a very good movie tonight..

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May 3, 2002
Tempe, Az USA
"Lost in Translation"..

Go see this film.:up:
Bill Murray did a tremendous job, and the story has a good message..

i wanted to see this movie but a lot of people told me it was really bad and slow and people even walked out of it in the theater

so i didnt see it
It's an independent type film..
It's not a blockbuster or mega film..
It's thoughtful and deep.

Bill Murray plays a somewhat serious jaded character..

Pretty good stuff.

without giving away the movie..Bill Murray coulda chose to be sexy..and he chose a different route.:larry:
One of the funnier moments is at the strip joint with Peaches' "fuck the pain away' playing in the background. That song has been in my head ever since! :laugh:
Just gopt back from it...loved it.

The actress (name????) looks soooooo much like meggggannie!

Went with seven of my lacrosse players. I gave them an ultimatum (sp?)...see this movie or pay for my $9 ticket to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The cheap asses were pissed at me as we walked out of the theater.

GREAT movie...and I love Bill Murray.
The funniest karaoke part was when Bill was trying to sing Bryan Ferry's "More Than This".
He butchered the song.

One ques I have is what was he telling the young lady at the end of the movie?
I loved how Sofia Coppola didn't reveal what he said to her at the end. I thought that was so brilliant.

It's a good soundtrack, too! :up:
i thought it was a great movie, but definitely one of those good movies if you can handle unconventional. a little slow but it takes awhile to sink in and get the whole thing.
I finally saw this on its return to my town. The first time it played here there was a sign at the box office saying that there was a big noticeable scratch on the film throughout and the last 15 minutes of the movie were missing. :| Yeah, we run a tight joint here. Anyway, I loved it. The cinematography is gorgeous, the acting brilliant and real, and lots going on beneath the surface.
Yeah, I loved it too. It's amazing how it managed to pull me in and hold my attention even though nothing much actually happens in the film in terms of plot. It's all in the mood, the atmosphere and the interplay between two great characters. And it made me wanna go back to Japan again, :)
I saw this for the first time last fall at a theatre with a bunch of friends. Sitting next to me was my friend Eric who was watching it for the second time. I loved the movie, but it didn't have a huge effect on me. However, at the end of his second viewing, Eric was in tears.

I watched Lost in Translation again the other brother bought it Tuesday when it came out. This time at the end, the tears were just streaming down my face.

It's a very 'quiet' film (I'm sure some people could find it to be boring), but I just find it to be so profoundly touching, especially given the current circumstances of my life.

Anyway, just had to share my second time around thoughts....
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