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Jul 21, 2000
Melbourne, Australia
Greetings Interferencers!

I know this is a bit late and I'm probably kidding myself... But silly me missed out on getting a chili peppers t-shirt at their show in Sydney on Friday, and I was wondering/hoping if anyone going to another of their shows would possibly maybe consider getting one for me? I'll send money... I've got this paypal thing set up now, after all.

I'll understand if you don't trust me... and it's probably too late for anyone I might actually know in Melbourne (show's tonight there isn't it)...

So, I'm just asking, please help? It's no big deal I guess, I'm just a bit miffed... I didn't actually like most of the shirts, but the blue and white one with the palm tree thing was cool.

I think I'm a meduim size, by the way... :D

Failing that... anyone know when they might be available to buy online?


Alisaura said:

Failing that... anyone know when they might be available to buy online?

Methinks they are probably available at the official RHCP online merch store. You might want to go to their website to check for info there.
your topic heading made me laugh...thanks

I heard a report from the concert on Friday night and I thought you were going to say something else. I heard on triple J, there was "a lot of love in the house". Indeed!!!
My friend said , they asked the audience to take off their T shirts and swing them around their heads like helicopters. Were you involved in that? I thought you may have lost your T shirt and be looking for it. My g'friend said it didn't take long and there was Tshirts and jeans and women flying around everywhere...or was that just in the area she was in? I can't wait to see her in person and hear about it. She said some of the women in Sydney have very pretty underwear...unlike flea...on the big screen..no less!! I hope she had her camera handy. I want to get both sets of friends together, one lot went to Brisbane , the other to Syd-eney and they have birthdays next week. I love hearing the concert tales.
Anyway the last RHCP show is in Perth. Hopefully someone from there may be able to help you. I know Saracene is at the Melbourne concert right now...wooohoooo!!
There are some great bands touring this summer. The Byron Blues Festival line-up keeps getting better and better, imho.

Peace alisaurus. i see you are a premium member. AAA....good!!
What's this about bass players and their fans?What's weird about a man in orange socks and white y'fronts? One young muso friend was right in front of flea in Brisbane....he was very very VERY impressed, nothing strange about that:sexywink:
ps:I'm married to a bass player...now that's weird.

middle of the night...I think of this?

Sydney= Lovetown+ Naked In the Rain?

was there a storm in Syd on Friday night. it was almost the anniversary of the first night I saw U2, 28th November 1995. Ther was a huge ELECTRICAL STORM that night that just about destoyed the little town near where I live, local store, school, church and houses demolished. It made it one unforgettable experience.
Another similar storm swept through near here on Friday night. they behave like tornadoes, even though we aren't meant to have tornadoes in Oz( I think we do now!) It cut a narrow swathe through forested area and snapped of huge trees. Powerful. Unfortunately, it only brought 14 mls of rain...it all helps , we could do with 440 mls though.
Anyway big rave...I am just guessing the Tshirt incident I mentioned up there was inspired by that song...it's getting hot in here....RED HOT!!!

PS: I hope I haven't killed your thread. I seem to have that effect around here...chaos, pure chaos.Sorry if I did Ali, maybe you can contact someone in Perth via the Australia U2 email group. Good luck
I dunno about killing it cass... I think you're keeping it alive frankly! :)

I have checked the official site... all they seem to have is a bunch of key chains and a Californication shirt... which will do if I can't find anything else. :) Thanks anayway, HelloAngel!

First... yes, there was much t-shirt-whirling going on! And no, I'm not quite uninhibited enough to join in... or it might be more that the person I was with was more inhibited so I didn't want to look too stupid... :D It looked absolutely awesome.... I didn't see many underwears myself (didn't notice any Y-fronts, on or off screen...!) Didn't see flying women... but I was a fair way back from the mosh pit!

Yeah I took the plunge and paid up... I don't post here hardly at all, and hadn't even looked in months... so it was a bit of a surprise yesterday... plus I hate using my card online... But I do love interference and maybe this will motivate me to check in more often. :)

That quote about bass player fans was from U2 At the End of the World... Edge was talking about what sort of fans each of them attracts... and that was all he said about Adam's following... :D
Good for you for marrying a bass player! They rock... ;)
BTW... Flea is vying with Adam for my vote for God-ness at the moment... :D
Naked in the Rain.... now that song has the BEST bass solo... I almost melted the first 20 times I heard it... :drool:

It was pissing down for the whole way between Canberra and Sydney on Friday.... like blindingly raining. It let up just as we were driving to the stadium... by the time the show started the stars were peeking thru and it was a great night... How lucky!

And I was just listening to that song "They're Red Hot" when I was reading your post Cass... ;)

So, any Perth fans can help please? :wave:
I'd help you out if I knew about your request earlier, :(

Anyways, the yesterday show was damn good! I was afraid I wouldn't last the evening cause I've been feeling like a squeezed lemon the whole weekend, but there was so much energy in there that I guess I just soaked it all up and felt alright again, :)

The first opening band was terrible, Papa Roach were marginally better but I'm just not a big fan of that style of music. Thankfully, the main show rocked! I don't think many expected them to play "Under the Bridge", so when they did the place just exploded. The only couple of times when they lost me was when they veered off into some sort of freestyle jamming for several minutes which I thought was just plain tedious. And not that it mattered much, but Anthony Kiedis' singing was really, really flat at times.

I was kinda surprised at how young most of the crowd were; I mean RHCP aren't that much younger than U2, but I haven't seen so many teenagers at the Elevation concert I went to. The band members keep themselves in a darn good physical shape, too.
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I hope to see them on the US tour next year and if they ask us to remove our shirts, mine will be the first one off. :silent:
Dang.... should have got off my butt and asked here quicker Saracene! Thanks anyway... :)

So, the call goes out to Perth...?

Go for it joyfulgirl... :D I can't even remember which song it was, I think it was the last one... *L*

It's funny you say all that, Saracene... the ppl on the RHCP board seem to think that Anthony Keidis' voice is heaps better than it was on the last tour, cos he's had singing lessons since then... I wouldn't know, but it seemed fine for the Sydney show... *shrug*
The sound was a bit quieter than I was expecting, and there were times the band nearly got drowned out... and the sound seemed a bit fuzzy now and then, but it was a humid windy night.
I am surprised that they were all surprised that they played Under the Bridge... I would have thought it would be a concert staple for them, being one of their biggest hits... but then a lot of the fans on the board are complaining that they just played all the singles and new stuff... well duh! :) I was fully expecting them to play it, and when the encore happened I knew they'd do it then. I would have been stunned if they hadn't played it! But the crowd did go spastic... :D
Anthony sings flat nearly every time I've ever heard him sing live (on TV, that is--I haven't seen them in concert...yet). His voice isn't what the band is all about, as the fans know, and it isn't what carries the band. They're just extremely creative, soulful, bold, original and fun. I think it's kind of charming that Anthony's voice isn't very strong--you know, kind of goes back to the punk rock days where you didn't have to be very good at any of it. You just had to have stage presence and attitude and you, too, could be in a rock & roll band.
I must be tone-deaf after all then... I didn't notice any flatness... but then I haven't been listening to their albums that long. :)
But that means there must be hope for me yet... As long as I have an electronic tuner for my bass at least! :D
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