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Rate Zooropa

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May 3, 2005
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Voting in the Love is Blindness and She's a Mystery to Me polls are now closed with Love is Blindness making the top 20. This round we'll be doing Zooropa and United Colours and polls will be open for at least two days

1 The Unforgettable Fire
2 Until the End of the World
3 The Fly
4 Ultraviolet (Light My Way)

5 A Sort of Homecoming
6 All I Want Is You
7 Where the Streets Have No Name
8 With or Without You
9 Acrobat
10 Bad

16 Mysterious Ways
17 Love is Blindness

19 Zoo Station
20 Lady With the Spinning Head (Extended Dance Remix)

29 Even Better Than The Real Thing

32 Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

35 One

39 So Cruel

50 Lady With the Spinning Head

59 Trying to Throw Your Arms Around The World

65 She's a Mystery To Me

75 alex descends into hell for a bottle of milk korova

79 Take You Down

87 Salome

89 Where Did It All Go Wrong?

91 Womanfish

122 Silver Lining
123 Jack in a Box
124 J Swallo
125 Twilight (Demo Version)
126 Inside Out
127 Father is an Elephant
128 Be There
129 Drunk Chicken/America
130 Carry Me Home
131 Tonight
One at 35 kind of makes this a bit of a joke, and we're not even through Zooropa.

As for Zooropa, it's a 9 for me. Great, great song.
then what makes it a joke? :confused:

I don't feel like derailing the thread and/or starting some sort of silly argument since I think the thread where we rated One was a really long one, so if you really want to know you can PM me and I'll kindly reply. :confused:
U2 were never able to top this one. Sublime mixture of social commentary, introspection, and sheer joy. And that's just the lyrics. Easy 10.
A definite 10! Zooropa lacks any flaws and I daresay it is a perfect song. U2 executed the idea perfectly.

I simply ADORE this song. :up:

the closest we've got to Happiness is a Warm Gun, Bohemian Rhapsody, Paranoid Android or 42.

just brilliant from start to finish, and those final two minutes are some of the most inspired of their career. shame it never worked live.
it's one of the few songs i wouldn't mind seeing at #1.

no idea how ultraviolet got to #4... i love it and all, but i never knew we all loved it that much.
I'll give this a 7. Pretty good album opener, but as a song in itself is kind of average U2.
kind of average U2.

Well, I'm not sure Bono wouldn't agree with my rating, since the band quickly dropped it from the live set and have never stuck it on any of their compilations. (Then again, you could say the same of 'Ultraviolet', which is a stone-cold classic). Cute photo of young, hairy Bono though.
For the record, I'm perfectly fine with you being less than enamored with the song. As a matter of fact, I would prefer that you actively dislike the song so I'll have one less opinion to acknowledge. However, referring to the song as "average U2" insinuates that the average U2 song in some way resembles Zooropa. And I honestly don't want to love any band as much as I would U2 if that statement were true.
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