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sparkys girl

May 26, 2001
on the popmart video, bono does some improvising and sings
something that sounds like this...
this ain't no disco
this ain't no (?fill in the blank?)
this ain't no fooling around
this ain't no ???????
no hee bee gee bees or CBGBs??
i ain't got time for that now...

these are lyrics from the talking heads right?! :huh: i was watching the RR hall of fame performance and talking heads were doing a song with these same lyrics...

the song was pretty cool and i am curious to know what its called.
thanks guys!
lilly recommends to you: sand in the vasoline by talking heads. a fantastic compilation of talking head-ness. :)
thanks ladies!

i always loved it when bono sang those lyrics, now i know where they came from. :)

thanks for the recommendation lilly, i am more familiar with remain in light and little creatures, but i should expand my listening.
I like the talking heads - what ever happened to them...

I do not like Discoteque all that much however...
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