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financeguy said:
People always use the Rolling Stones example, but what about Lou Reed? He's around the same age as the Stones but still has plenty of credibility and still tours. What about Ray Davies and the Kinks? They're credibility is still intact and they still play live.

Blues artists like BB King and the late John Hooker, their credibility seems to build the older they get!

So although I don't want to see U2 go the Rolling Stones route, there are other possible avenues which don't involve breaking up the band just because some of the public thinks they're told old to be rockers.

financeguy is soooooooo correct. Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan, Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, of the top of my head still tour and play/ make music and they get respect. Old age doesn't mean they can't make good music. Old age may mean they won't get the teens to fall head over heels in love with them but so what? Its not like that's really happening now.

If U2 really loved the making/ performing the music, the idea of retirement should seem foreign to them unless IMAGE is more important than MUSIC to U2.

People slag Clapton for his recent output in his old age, but he is essentially making the music he wants. I at least respect him for doing what he wants and not listening to naysayers who want to see Cream reduxes.
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