Please Stop All The NEGATIVITY about U2! Please!

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sallycinnamon78 said:

Because I felt like it. I'm free to do so if I wanna! I didn't force you to reply. :)


Next please....

I thought I was already a has-been in this forum, with zero relevance and no credibility. But you resurrected one of my more "mainstream" threads, so I suddenly feel like Jeff Buckley who is only gaining popularity long after his time. Or I feel like Green Day, a has-been band who has suddenly gotten a resurrection. I guess there is still some life in this old dog.


unnamed_streets said:

Jick... I do remember your numerous threads in defense of Pop you know.

I have always defended POP against the other trash that was released in 1997. I just can't believe how people think the best album of `97 was OK Computer or Time Out Of Mind. POP was easily the best album of that year. But I will not defend POP against the other better albums in U2's catalogue like JT, AB, Zooropa, ATYCLB, or HTDAAB. That's perhaps why people think I am a POP hater. When I label POP as crap or as the only blip in U2's radar, I am comparing it against stiff competition which are the other albums in U2's catalogue. POP pales in comparison to JT or ATYCLB but it shines against overrated crap like Sgt. Peppers or London Calling.


jick said:
POP pales in comparison to JT or ATYCLB but it shines against overrated crap like Sgt. Peppers or London Calling.



I kind of agree with u there Jick. Just that I wouldn't call those 2 examples crap. Both include some extremely good tracks, but my love for U2 would always prevail over other bands. So I too would say that Pop 'shines over' these examples of yours. Despite their total lack of similarity.

(although I bet u could pick out something for me there eh?!:wink:)
Scary thing is that some pretentious types on this forum would have it that Pop IS better than Sgt. Pepper! :laugh:
don't have time right now to read all the pages.....

...but i must say i saw the title of the thread AND then saw it was jick posting it....I wondered whether it's a joke or not.]

This because almost every thred i've even seen posted by you, jick, has been negative IMO. But you may have positive threads that i'v never seen because i don't have always have gone where they mightbe [only been on here a year].

Me....i love JT &War as whole albums in general and the same goes for AB & HTDAAB. While I have some veryfavorite songs from the other albums...these are my top 4, with AB being number 1.

HTDAAB is almost equal, in fact i think if you don't go into a strict *No.#1* I'd say AB & HTDAAB *are * their greatest albums over all. I think what i love about HTDAAB the most is it's variety and the fact thaT I hear 90's AND 80's in there. Best of the the best in an over all way. And that's a big Hoorraaayyyy in my musical 'book'.
Uh...Jick? YOU complained about the 'mimed' performance!

You are SUCH a hypocrite. It is so ironic that you are tell other people to stop the negativity when I have never EVER seen you start a positive post about U2.
jick said:
When the first promo pics of U2 came out, everyone in PLEBA complained that Bono's hair was bad or the straw hat look didn't fit.
I know everyone's always a step ahead of me but I have to agree.

Just stop it jick.
You've been going on forth and back for months between liking what U2 does and disliking it.
Stop being such a hypocrite.
You've got enough attention already.
Enough attention to get your own appreciation thread.
Aren't you happy?
Your choice in avatars recently also speaks against this thread.
(Adam/Bono-devil avatars.)
There is, however, one thing I agree with you on.
"Please Stop All The NEGATIVITY about U2!"

You can't state something like this without proper information.
I'm a part of PLEBA, but I DIDN'T complain whatsoever.
I thought he looked kinda like the good ol' Joshua Tree style.
I'm so sick of this whole merry-go-round you've started.
So please...
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Since Jick is the one who is constantly starting negative threads and annoying most of the people here with his posts doesn't this thread alone makes it more obvious than ever that he is a troll? Aren't trolls supposed to be banned? :huh:

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