PGP:we're hanging with penguins while waiting for U2 to show up!

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As Im donating my hair in Amsterdam Ive been thinking bout which kind of style am going to get, these look good dont they :heart:


I haven't forgotten about opening up Photobucket, as soon as I learn how. Will have to wait until after Comic-con this week though. It will be a busy week. :D
I just read pokemon adventures manga volume 53 and I'm pretty sure my favorite character is coming back!!! :hyper::D

day-um, domo-k! Fabulous photos!:applaud:
Some great action, or emotional moments w some very good compositions! :hyper:

Where were u & what were u using?

:hmm: Seems easier to get them (clear/detailed) on the main stage vs when they're whipping around the (past) curved walkways.

Loved Adam's sparkly jacket! :D
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Still, :happy: enough :D

Well, that was generally my experience (and maybe others from mixlrchat) trying to listen to U2 @ croke park today (usa east coast DLST)- soooo much buffering from various mixlr & periscope sources!

A few people complained this was worst of U2's Euro gigs. I couldn't tell be cause I couldn't even find a link that worked till nearly the end of JT side 2!

Still I'd never heard u2 live in Dublin in real as frustrated as I was- I was still excited to hear a bit, and see a few images of the screen.

Heard a bit of TTYW, Vertigo, WOWY, and TLTTYA. Yay!

:lol: saw U2brother post on one of the he periscope links!

Only done this ?2xs before, maybe only once.....involving following mixlr and now (both) periscope on my own vs picking up the links from a SLP! Now i think I got down as far how to jump around following the mixlr chat (2 mixlr sources at times) to get new links if serious buffering going on at then current one!:up: Yay me. Ready for next Euro show I can catch!
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:wink: It was awesome! Great spots, good people and a wonderful thing happened during Streets. Right at the big woaaah's, 3 fighter planes flew over.. each dropping a different colour smoke, forming the Irish flag.
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