Outside Broadcast Tour Programme.

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Aug 6, 2004
Sandnes, Norway

i was basically wondering if any kind soul(s) out there still had this tour programme? (from the 3.rd leg of the Zoo Tv tour)

could you pleeeease be so kind and scan the pictures from that particular programme??

(i already have the indoor Zoo Tv programme from Europe + the Zooropa tour programme)

i believe there are different pictures in all of the Zoo Tv tour programmes, am i right?
I have it and I've always wondered what the Zooropa program looks like inside. If I scan it for you, could you scan the Zooropa program for me in return?

I can't post the scans here since I don't have any way to host them, but I could e-mail them to you.

And yes, some of the pictures in the OB program are different.
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