Osama Bin Laden is dead.

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don't give it away guys! Netflix only recently started streaming it and i'm only in the middle of Season 1.

and it's AWESOME.
I presume you are talking about Breaking Bad
if you are midway through season one, you are in for a good ride.
Great series, not a big budget or big cast. But great casting and outstanding writing.
If you don't want to be spoiled you should not go in the BB thread in ZS. You could start on page one and only read the posts for what you have seen.
Yeah, still dead. But did anyone see the 60 Minutes interview last night with the Navy Seal who wrote the book about the raid? Apparently it was 100 % accurate information from a female CIA agent that ultimately led to the success of the mission. You can debate whether or not he should have written the book but to me that's the type of information I'd want to know. Her name will never be known but that just makes me happy. They showed her his body after they got it onto a truck and she cried.

He said Bin Laden had a gun but never used it. Obama asked them when he met with them who shot Bin Laden and they wouldn't tell him. Basically because they all contributed to the ultimate success so it wasn't about who shot him.
Missed the interview, but we have that book where I work and already we've had people's names on a list for it. Maybe I'll check it out at some point, would be kinda interesting to get the "behind the scenes" info.

I like the idea of not having one person take credit for getting him. It's a team effort and it's good to see people acknowledge and honor that.
Saw the 60 minutes interview this morning and found it fascinating.

Peter Bergen's book "Manhunt" was a fantastic read, in my opinion, and also gave a detailed look at the entire operation, including that female CIA agent.
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