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ONE love, blood, life
Jan 27, 2004
Tarrytown, NY
Title: My Bud Beav

In the cool, cool morning I'm chillin' wit Beav
Big Bad Mama is on my tail so I gotz to leave
Drinkin' my 40 on the way to school
Finishin' my 40 is my only rule

In the hot, hot afternoon I'm rollin' wit Beav
Cat calling hotties is what I plan to achieve
Grabbin my mic, grabbin my loot
Put empty in trash, I don't pollute

In the late, late night I'm clubbin' wit Beav
Kickin it wit a honey wit a fine fine weave
hoggin' dance space, hoggin' the philly
Kangol is sideways, gettin' real silly
Aite now, don't fear,
Calm yo'selves cause Da Beav is here.
Uber like a Supra, I be rollin' real hot.
Crazy like a Swayze, I'm takin' a shot.

The ladies they don't phase me,
I'm just itchin for a fight,
Come one come all,
Line forms to the right.

Now the strobe light it be twitchen,
And my trigger finger's itchin',
My partner needs a switchin'.
Now ladies, stop the bitchin'.

This ain't no game,
Ain't meant to be fun,
What we're doing is insane,
And I kick it back to Numb.
Title: Who Dat?

Who dat you wit?
Who dat man's cup you sip?
Who dat you wit?
Who dat holdin' onto yo' hip?

Who dat, all up in your grill?
Who dat', climbing up your Solisbury Hill?
Who dat, all up in yo' soup?
Who dat new man in yo' group?

That brothah aint me
it aint me, you see?
that bling aint free
He aint no Oprah Winfrey

Who dat car you in?
Who dat nasty Rumplestillskin?
Who dat car you in?
Only a V4 in dat engine
TITLE: Thug Life

Pimps is my boyz, standing on da corner making lots of noise
Ho's be my vice, with da thongs, Daisey Dukes, and lots of ice
Born in Brooklyn, Raised in the slum
I feel ya dawg, but you can call me Numb
Partied wit da Bloods, partied wit da Crips
Saw the end comin', ghetto apocolypse

Dealers got my back, standin' in da shadows pushin' crack
Pigz aint friends, eatin' their donoughts as I steal dis' Benz
Pumpin' out jams, selling lots of records
Ya'll stop staring, call ya dopey rubberneckers
Got the J-U-ICE, got the fame
Got the bitches and some Mary Jane
Cold Kickin It
Now I'm trickin it
Makin you think I'll be flickin it.

Now I'm workin' it
Berserkin it
So slow its like I'm lurkin it.

Now I'm hittin it
And you're admittin it,
As good as it it gets cause I fit in it.
Freakish babble, I'm all about Scrabble
Triple word score you 'till dawn
but then I gotz to mow da lawn
'cos weeds is up to muh knees

Like the liquerish, I'm all about gibberish
nonesensical rhymes for yo' ears
I'm no virgin like Brittney Spears
wearing a magical robe, a germaphobe
In Old Latrobe

PA, holla, Old Latrobe Pa, Holla
PA, holla, Old Latrobe Pa, holla
i write in general to feel good

I started the original rap thread because i think that it's funny coming from me....
the time is now, no warning
like a freak that's too horny
get ready, get set, let's go
jump up, down, out the window
high strung dancin,
strobe light flashin,
lookin' like charles manson
lightin it up, takin' you down
checkin' out the new sound
like Ali, I'm knockin you out
like Tears for Fears "Shout"
what's your name, what's your game
better groove than Bowie's "Fame"
aint no crappy pop
like Bangles "Eternal Flame"

that's right, step to this
Funky, like Prince's "kiss"
got attitude and some altitude
Hey Numb, not "Hey Jude"
put them up, I wanna see your Dukes
droppin rhymes and droppin nukes
shiniest quarter and whiniest daughter
stealin my flow, but I caught her
feet won't stop, ass won't sit
Go Hammer, "Too Legit to Quit"
back in the day
there wasn't much to say
but now that I hit it big
i'm bringing home the bacon like a fat ass pig
sellin out shows, partyin' with the hoes
rollin' w/ ice, put down the Legos

back in my mama's kitchen
there i sat, waitin' and wishin'
that the time would come
livin' the life and havin' some fun
got a ride for each day of the week
Livin' La Vida Loca so to speak

you wanna ride wit me,
you gotz to pay da fee
pay your way, pay your dues
kickin wit' the Jimmy Choo shoes
i aint starvin', i aint poor
hear me knockin, at yo' door
scream all you want, salivate if you wish
Grand Master Numb is cookin' up a tasty dish

"oh, that sh!ts delish"

Pant if you want, holler if you'd like
this party is goin strong and goin all night

"flow is tight, yeah that's right"

givin the boom boom in the back room
not just the handle but the whole damn broom
taggin it, baggin it, hell yeah, I'm braggin it
bringin it, singin it, hit that bell, yeah, i'm ringing it

sportin the smile, knew it the whole while
playing you for a sucka, leavin' your crew in exile
queen of the Nile, every last mile
doin it with grace, swagger and some style
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