"orange + blue"

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The Wanderer

Kid A
Aug 20, 2000
Holy Roman Empire
orange + blue
drenched in you

this lullaby hymn,
thickens into a shudderless echo
pushing further inside
to replenish and mend

flashes, against a suburban gash
falling into arms of gel
trapped, in the halls of a darkened nebulous
lapping, your touch, like streaks of flame...
upon a frosted night's surrender

the oxygen muse...

wetted, like fresh rain over a thirsty bloom
mind, bent like the shadowy tongue of a reddish moon
the light opens, like a bride to her love
white plumes vanish into the hazy shelter of
orange + blue

~it's weird, this started off as a somewhat caustic piece, but i ended up pulling it away from that altogether... i'm going now before i change it any further...

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i love the words you use.
it truly is poetry, without a doubt.
that first stanza is incredible in the way you mix it up.

wetted, like fresh rain over a thirsty bloom
mind, bent like the shadowy tongue of a reddish moon

those lines are gorgeous
such a poet
I'm still trying to soak it up.

wetted, like fresh rain over a thirsty bloom - wetted is very clever, Wanderer..

I get the sense of a twisted love letter in this one, but I'm still wondering what's orange and blue. They're total opposites on the colour wheel, therefore complementary, but of course when complementary hues are mixed, they turn muddy... could it be this is about a love between two diametrically opposed people? I've no idea ay...

honestly I'm a little confused by this one, the only thing I can seem to grasp onto is the fact that orange is such a warm colour, and blue a cold colour...so I get this picture of a contrast within a lover, or at least in the feelings towards the lover. but I still feel like I'm missing something huge...

I love the line that Manda and foray quoted, you have an incredible way of putting words together, it's a true talent

tomorrow's just an excuse away
so I pull my collar up and face the cold, on my own...

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well originally this poem started with:

a lullaby hymn, thickens
into a shuddering echo
pushing further
to punish and mend

not exactly delicate, I really couldn't decide where I wanted to go with this, I thought about making it more of a spiritual/religious thing with the "lullaby hymn" being a comfort much like faith, but at the same time religion (not so much faith) can bring on feelings of guilt and shame -- thus "punish and mend"

and I thought about treading down the path of sexual abuse, but I've done that before and was not interested in doing it again, so I changed it to "shudderless echo" and "replenish and mend" -- this way it reflected more warmth and tederness, but at the same time, I tried to relate this sense of thirst and desire for something almost intagible within this hazy glow... the orange + blue came out of this visual image i had of a deep blue night, with orange gleam from the lights of street lamps and stars, mixing with a misty fog of light rain... but that particular aspect kinda got lost in all of it because it turns out to be more about just the night in general, and this search for light and the opening of two lovers to one another, one lover is learning to embrace more warmth and tederness, and the other is learning that what may not seem so bright and clear doesn't neccessarily have to be dark and murky -- so yes, it is a blending of sorts for these contrasting spirits, and yes, I'm full of it today aren't I?!?! haha, well I rarely do this sort of thing (in fact never have sat down and tried to explain everything that went through the creative process), maybe because it seems incredibly pretentious and maybe because the thoughts I had in my mind as I was writing arent exactly what show up on the page, ah well, in the end, like I said yesterday, I really wanted more than anything else to write something warm and pretty

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And I'm embarrassed to have driven you to explain it

Just a thought, but does the intention need to be fulfilled for it to be good art?

thanks POPAngel

and foray, I don't think it matters unless the author opens his big mouth!

so yes, Bono could have intended If You Wear That Velver Dress to be specifically about women's fashion, and unless he's foolish enough to say it now, you or I would never know, and we would go on thinking it's about trapazoids and we could sustain the notion that it's a brilliant song, but if he started talking about Versace, then we'd say to ourselves, "you fucked up there you dumbass."
I see your point, Wanderer

but even if the writer didn't reveal his original intention, he would be the only one to whom my question is directed to then. Would he himself consider it 'good art' if the purpose was fulfilled? Or can art just stand on its own and not need someone's interpretation in order to be called art?

I've been pondering these questions for a long long time. Didn't mean to veer away from your poem... Eh, feel free to ignore me.

well, first off I don't see how explaining that is pretentious at all although sometimes it can ruin the art if the author does that, I don't think it did so here.

sometimes I look too closely for the 'meaning' of the poem when all I should really do is soak up the effect. In light of what you said I think the poem does read better; I was overanalyzing.

fors I don't think so to your original question
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