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floweravalanche :hug: :hug: :hug: sending you rainbows and sunshine and all the positive energy in the world :hug: . . . try and stay strong :hug:

(the hugs really work :yes: . . . my auntie has spent the last few months having chemo and while it has been pretty awful for her she got some results back last week and the tumors have all reduced in size to such a degree that her doctors are now saying she has at least 5 good years of living, as opposed to the inital assessment which was that she wouldn't see Christmas this year . . . so thank you all so so much for sending your positive energy and hugs :grouphug: :) )
The great news to here purple! Blessings to your Auntie.

Thank you Laura and Purple!:hug: The meds I am on are helping with the pain a bet still havent heard anything back about the refferal but thats the military medical system for ya.

Can you all please pray for my friend Sandra she is 16-17years old ( I cant remember which) and she is in the children's hospital right now with liver failure. I don't know the complete details I found out through another friend. She is like a lil sis to me we grew up with each another and her Mom and my Aunt were really good friends and we all went to church together and everything so please send you prayers and positive vibes her way and her families way. Thank you.
Thanks Laura:hug:

Please continue to pray for Sandra, I haven't heard anything about her since I got the news hopefully every things alright.

I got test results finally and praise the big guy up stairs it all come back ok, I'm still waiting on my refferal though, but Im in no rush since the test results were ok.
I just got an job interview can you guys pray that it all goes well and I get the job, I have been unemployed for almost a year I can really use a job right now and also can you pray I get over this infection of my lymph nodes I got, it's pretty painful and is draining me abet ad one more if you don't mind pray I do well in school! I'm struggeling in math badly but I found a tutor to get help so pray that all goes well I can pass this class along with the others. Thank you!
I'm not really the super praying type but...well, I need some right now. One of my dearest friends is going through a lot medically and I'm worried sick, like I do. Just some good vibes and prayers for her, please.
Positive vibes for all of you... Keep the optimism even if the whole world crumbles around you, you still have each other and your love for each other. Sometimes that's all you need to get through everything :heart:
Positive vibes for all of you... Keep the optimism even if the whole world crumbles around you, you still have each other and your love for each other. Sometimes that's all you need to get through everything :heart:

:up: That was VERY nicely put. I'm sure everyone appreciates reading your words and sentiment. I do. I've been struggling for the past 2 mos or so and despite my troubles, my son is in rehab and I am hoping and praying it changes his life for the best. He has so much potential.

All of those out there with young kids.....keep them safe from peer pressure and drugs of any kind.
Could someone kindly send some thoughts my way?

It's like... I'm happy, but I'm not happy. I've been suicidal in the past and I feel it possibly coming back to me.

What's worse is that... uh, I've been abusing drugs. I know it's bad, but I don't know what else to do anymore...
*hugs* Beau. Prayers and positive vibes your way. I know the feeling of being happy but you're not I suffered from depression for a very long time and finally starting to come out of it. Big hugs and prayers for ya! :hug:

Can you all say some prayers for me as well, I went to the doctors about 2 weeks ago because I found a lump or two right above my collar bone, the doc said it's possible I have a lymph node infection but she is not 100% sure, she put me on antibiotics, and said if I'm not better in a week to come back, she was a bet worried since I wasn't having any symptoms of cold or anything a long those lines, just been very tired and running off and on fevers and getting night sweats and she tested me for mono but the test came out negative.

Well the lumps are still there and won't go down and I just found another one, I've been getting very tired quickly, I have a hard time staying up for a couple of hours and the lumps hurt. Can you pray that it's just a nasty infection or a bug and nothing serous, I'm a bit worried, and with me starting a new job, I'm a bet nervous because I've been so tired and what not that it'll effect my work. I just got this job and I can't let something like this take it from me, it's hard finding a job now days and after being unemployed for over a year I really can't afford to lose a job and I also don't want it to effect my schooling as well.

I'm trying not to worry about it so much, cause I'm a worry nut and trying to work on that. But still, it doesn't hurt to ask.

It's that time of the year when everyone gets sick and I'm usually someone that catches everything so hopefully it's just a nasty bug. Thanks guys!

Prayers and positive vibes for all that need it! :hug:
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