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ONE love, blood, life
Jan 27, 2004
Tarrytown, NY
Hey all, I'm going to start a thread here which will consist of poems that I've written. For the most part, they are in the form of a song structure.....(verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus etc).

I loooove music. I have had a drum kit, keyboard, and guitar at various points in my life but can not play any of them efficiently. Although I was decent at the drums.

I have written over 600 poems, but none in a very long time and I haven't done much with them. So I figured maybe if I write them here, I can get feedback from you AND if you are so musically inclined and want to use the lyrics, feel free. But if you make $, I'd like a little bit of it. Or even if you just record it onto a cd or something, I'd like a copy.

A little background first. Much of the lyrics are written from high school and college days when most of us are filled with some sort of agnst. Out of the 600+, I would say maybe 100 are worth sharing. Don't get me wrong, I love them all because they are me, but people would be like "What the fuck is this guy on?"

Also, I have particular bands in mind when I write them. As you know, certain bands have their own distinct style of song structure......Bands like Jane's Addiction have a certain style all their own, or other bands have light lyrics like They Might Be Giants while others are dark and creepy like Marilyn Manson. I've done them all.

I'd like to post them in this thread even if not many people care and we'll see how this takes off (or not).

The frequency of the writings will be varied depending on my work load here in the old office. I might pump out 5 in a day and other times it might be a few weeks. It all depends on "The Man".

I hope you enjoy them, look for some Numb lyrics beginning tomorrow. Thanks.
And they will be soooo varied......

some happy
some sad
some angry
some lost
some short (3 words)
others long (pages and pages long)
some rhyme
others do not
some written drunk/stoned
some w/ no point
some in made up languages

the list goes on & on

You'll be a welcome addiction to DOL. I'm looking forward to seeing your writtings. The more people's things I read, the more I wider I can spread my perspectives, so I personally appreciate everything anyone writes.
I just picked up a folder at random, however, these are not nearly close to being some of my proudest work.

This is #297

BAM (Bitter Angry Mess)

Verse 1
Rise above the lies and on to peaceful land
Rise above the tide and on to golden sand
Bitter is the taste, but goes down like rain
It's a shame to waste, fall victim to it's fame
Spotlight death and shadows hang around
Scream at your flesh w/o making a sound

Once, time stood still and so did I
and everything revolved around
I could catch everyone & every sound
Bitter, angry mess, 'till the day I die

Verse 2
Dream of that scene and into euphoric times
Dream of the presteen & tiptoe through the mines
Wiser is the man the tighter his fist becomes
The winning hand until father time succombs
Hot wax dripping and the good get burned
My life keeps skipping w/ lesons never learned


Glass of Warm Milk

Verse 1
Take the wine and drink the ecstacy
Throw thew chalace into the deep dark sea
Believe the lie and believe in nothing
Walk in the snow and you'll never smell spring
Breathe in the smoke and die before the storm
Buy the Queen bee, you buy the whole swarm

Did someone tell you to run?
to hide? to cry? to crawl?
Love, sweet innocent love
Did I run away senslessly?

Verse 2
Hold the virgin and hold her hand
Wounds won't be buried by blowing sand
Carry the honor, like a soldier carries pain
Always a step behind sanity's train
Save the blood and not the skin
Like faith, the treasures of life are within


Verse 3
Did I, Did I, Did I crumble?
In the eyes of those who choke, choke on my bones
I guess I fell, crumbled and decayed
That's how I was found
Ashes and eyeballs - ashes to smoke & blow away in anonymity
and eyeballs fixed on the next wave
The bigger, better wave
Part of my being is flying over a martyr's grave
The rest of me is a void to be filled
A glass of warm milk yet to be spilled

My Sister, My Sister

Verse 1
I never was, but I shall forever be
If not flawed by karma or good intentions
I know I can be pure
When I listen to the sound my heart makes
When it's left still and naked
I give down space and am never apologetic
Unless I see magic in the eyes of a choice
Regular steps aren't necessary
But coffee is good for conversation
An excellent lover is never a good pet
It's hard to distinguish the two

Prentend a word could make it true
Don't take much to turn my back on you

Verse 2
Boredom can plague an immature heart
Just ask the shallow fool for directions
You're so modern girl
The way you cringe at the sight of a new sound
When it's whispered and implied
I messed up my bowl and never understood it's text
I've killed for you only to watch you die
Can't figure anyone out
But it's intriguing to hang on every letter
My sister, my sister check it out
I'm better off in ignorance

Preface: ever break up w/ someone and then go to a bar and see an attractive person across the room and think "Wow, she/he looks like someone I have to meet, this is what I am looking for !:drool: :love: ? Well, this is the scene....not my finest work, but this is the stuff I brought into work w/ me today.


To Catch the Perfect Barfly

Verse 1
Put me through another test
Part of me moved out west
Left me dead in the cold
Left me with nothing to hold
So, here I go, stare at you
Nothing you can really do
Fix your hair, drink your beer
Wipe away my lonley tear

Verse 2
You see me, my boyish face
No one left in this place
Drowning out all the sounds
Me and you, no one else around
My eyes kinda remind you of
A beautiful boy you used to love
They pull, then they push you
Eyes don't lie, always true

You were let go and still falling from the sky
I let her go and we said goodbye
I might catch you, I don't know
I've done it before, I'll let you go

Verse 3
You're innocent like a child
Drove me mad when you smiled
Mouth dropped to the floor
I could never ask for more
So here I go, walk towards you
In the crowd, I'll make it through
Now here I stand at last
Forget about my shameful past

Verse 4
Turn me on, you turn red
Was it something I said?
Angelic voice soothed my ears
Softest whisper calmed my fears
You, transfixed by my eyes
Captured all of your butterflies
I forgot all of my pain
You forgot what's his name


Verse 5
So tender in every way
Nothing else I could say
Can't be put into words, only images
Images so strong that they could
Block out the moon, freeze the sun
Drain the oceans and make life fun

Lone Ranger

Verse 1
Lonliness takes no prisoners, no one is immune
Everyone is a stranger, anyone can play the villain
Lonliness has no mercy, no one receives pity
Everyone falls apart, once solitude sets in
Loniless has no heart, no one slips by
Everyone gets caught, everyone is a victim
Lonliness can kill a man, stop dead in his tracks
Everyone's a beggar, once solitude sets in

Silence lulls me to sleep
The sky turns evil and the pain cuts deep

Verse 2
Lonliness plays tricks, everyone gets fooled
Everyone wants love, yet no one knows for sure
Lonliness is empty, everyone fills it up
Everyone touches it, no one wants it anymore
Lonliness is chaos, no one is really safe
Once it leaves, it comes back for an encore
Lonliness exists in me, everyone knows the truth
Everyone denies it, no one wants to believe anymore

Preface: here is the companion to #284, Lone Ranger. This is the flipside speaking of love, rather than lonliness in #284


What Comes Around Goes ARound

Verse 1
Love is freedom, yet it can confine you
Love conquers your questions & guides you through
Love is brilliant, yet it can lack luster
Love leads you to believe that you can forever trust her
Love is an entity, that I thought I knew well
Love has taught me that you never can tell

What comes around goes around
I thought it would never apply to me
So deep in uncertainty that I can not be found

Verse 2
Love is justice, yet I have no rights
Love is a nightmare that keeps me awake at night
Love is an open door, yet it has no threshold
Love has many believers, but it's just fool's gold
Love is a diamond, yet it has no cost
Love is a compass, that just gets me lost

thanks. Nex time i post, I will post some angry ones and completely mental ones (like Beck mental)
Does this one smell like Beck?

73 Personalities

Chocolate frogs, singing in the sun
Saw the Brazilian mask and continued to hum
Lincoln logs, buying up their shares
They'll play G.I. Joe if anyone cares
Marco Polo, going to solo to the bank
Till the green monster makes heads blank

Holiest human, picking and choosing
The apples of choice, the breast of desire
Freakiest freak, young and chic
Making me beg, beg from a liar

Disco lights, twinkle in an eye
Kiss the Freudian myth, and continued to lie
Nebraska hogs, tying up their laces
They cut throats when O.J. erases
Blow Job, Ty Cobb, pray for me
One day my destiny will molest my misery

Surrounded by Flies

Novacained heart, shifty motives
Fading speech from tongue's explosives
It's like I never cared or even tried
It's about the insecurities I can't seem to hide
Skipping beats, curious eyes
Embrace the shit surrounded by flies
It's like I smiled w/ fangs that shine
It's about the snow that melts w/ time

In the twilight of this love
We spin out of control
Under the umbrella of doubt
We keep digging this hole

Hushed whispers, violent swings
Following the angel w/ mangled wings
It's like she lived only to disapear
It's about the body that never draws near
Cherrished thoughts, spontaneous cries
Embrace the shit surrounded by flies
It's like she'll never offer a prayer
It's about the sickness that pollutes my air


Sitting on a Promenade

Everyday I fight an inner urge to cry "boredom"
That's the price I pay for taking simplicity for granted
I'm not alone in this quagmire, but often feel distant
Congestion in my thoughts and hateful fire in my pen
Man made phalic symbols across a river promote competition
They make it easy to be blind to the other side, the other opinions
Filled with an angst that can't be explained or even brought to the forum
And if a forum did exist, are there ears willing to be bored again?
Am I really, really free to think as an individual?
Lady Liberty suggests so, but even with her height and torch held high
She doesn't or refuses to see the muzzeled brains of the so called "Liberated"
Do you ever wonder why we were put here?
Why you know me or hate our parents?
Are we here to question the thought process of pigeons?
Or just watch them peck the crumbs left by adoring strangers?
Do we really need to know the temptature of ocean depths?
Or should we just swim questionless without a care or curiosity?
At this moment, should I wonder why I'm not a starving Ethiopean grandmother with 14 starving grandchildren without names or future?
Or why I wasn't Napolean or Madonna?
Or why I'm not a monkey wrench, just steel at the bottom of the tool box? Maybe I am....
Or do I just enjoy existing, laughing, dancing, crying, and killing as we do
Wheather right or wrong, black, white, or gray....Sitting on a Promenade
I Want to Be

I want to be where the sinners and saints dance as one
I want to be where the end of the world has just begun
Where the kings and queens eat the slop
Roll down poverty's hill and never stop
I want to be where the cops become the perps
I want to be where the egomaniacs become the jerks
Where Monday morning nothing to do
And every night I'll spend with you

I want to be where the lions and lambs frolic in the sun
I want to be where the bullet tickles from the gun
Where lovers and lies never meet
Where love and luck fall at our feet
I want to be where the music thunders from dark skies
Where the shimmering stars match the diamonds in your eyes
Where every dream comes true
And every night I'll spend with you

I want to be where nectar rains from god's eyes
I want to be where my love manifests in mammoth tides
Where hatred and deceit dwindle every day
Blistering romance kisses our blues away
I want to be where the right becomes the left and the wrong
I want to be where lepers and outcasts always belong
Where my angel is never, ever blue
And every night I'll spend with you
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