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Dude, it's coming from guys whose teams are QB'ed by the Jones boys.

The 2 worst QBs possibly since Curtis Painter.

We'd both love to have a stiff like Love as our QB. Could lead to a robust 6-11 season.
I don't think Daniel Jones is a bad player. I think his offensive line is the rough equivalent of Get On Your Boots, and if they don't fix something soon the poor lad's going to be in traction.
Haha, just shows how situations cause for narratives to be formed. If Love had Bak healthy at left tackle, and had Aaron Jones healthy for more than 10 snaps since Week 1, Packers most likely win in both Week 2 and last night, and then suddenly everyone's like "Oh shit, Jordan Love is the GOAT". So like all situations, you let them play out.

Also Headache, agree on Daniel Jones 100%. I think he's always been way better than people give him credit for.
so i looked into it... the salesperson at the end who they buy the jersey from? the "actor" playing said salesperson is actually Scott Norwood.

Came to say this. Weird they bill Buckner’d Norwood because Boston didn’t do that until after we won a World Series.
Also, anyone remember when Joe Gibbs came out of retirement and the game had passed him by and he should have stayed playing race cars? I think Sean Payton remembers.


Lost track of what down it was? It's on the down marker. It's in the name "down marker".
the jets defense is unreal. good chance there would have been a rematch of today's game in the super bowl if rodgers hadn't gone down.
How are the Giants 1-5 while the Commanders are 3-3? I flipped this game on with the full assumption that the Giants were the favorite.
The path from Judge to Daboll is a slippery one.

It's not his fault that the offensive line is disgustingly bad, or that Jones and Taylor were both hurt. Hell, it's not his fault that Saquan went down when he had a chance at a game ending first down instead of fight for the extra yards.

But the decision to kick the field goal on 4th and short instead of go for it? Yea that's on him. The lack of discipline that led to a penalty that saves the Jets a timeout? Not throwing all game with the third string QB and then throwing the same shitty check down two straight times in overtime for negative yardage?

Yea, that's him.

Ultimately it's a lost season with all the injuries and they're better off with the loss. But man that was ugly
the 49ers, packers, and cowboys all won on thanksgiving day.

Oh the 90's. The Cowboys had the Packers' number, and the Packers had the 49ers' number, and the Cowboys and 49ers would beat the crap out of each other. The 97 Super Bowl loss still stings. Never want to go through a Super Bowl loss again, but man that 96 season was probably the most fun season I've ever been through. One of those rare years where you just knew your team was going to win it all from Week 1 and there were rarely any doubts throughout the year. Just pure bliss for 5 straight months.
I thought the Cards would start doing better with Murray back, but that hasn't happened yet.

Well they did beat the Falcons with him and hung with Houston, they're 1-2, so there's hope, but they have a brutal final 5 games (@ PIT, bye, vs. SF, @ CHI, @ PHI, vs. SEA)
Have to hope maybe they can beat Da Bears and/or the Seahawks.

Pats will end up drafting 3rd, Bears (thanks to Panthers) will draft Caleb Williams, Cards will draft Harrison Jr., then Belichick will draft a guard.
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