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i will moderate more forums if you need me to

very little interest in put em under pressure though, aside from christiana and rafmed(both of which would be fine choices imo
I know everyone will roll their eyes at this, but, even though i have a reputation for being a bit of a bad girl here, i really CAN be good when i have to be!!

*Throws her horns - er, hat - into the ring!*

Pleba, Discotheque, Inside broadcast, Even better than, Zoo Confessionals...Lemonade stand, EYKIW...i'm interested in any of them, really.

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Well tonight thank God it's them, instead of you...

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I see myself doing some moderation here. Any forum would be fine, although I would feel out of place in PLEBA..

How about It's Official? lol.
*Throws in hat

Now Departing (Helping these individuals find the rest of the forums)
Inside Broadcast (?)
Lemonade Stand
Put em' Under Pressure
Peeling Off Those Dollar Bills (Really would like to help here)
All I want is U2
Zoo Confessional

Thank you!
Gawd, I'd love to be a mod, but unfortunately, during the summer I have little internet acess, as opposed to the regular year. *sigh* Maybe next time.
Originally posted by oliveu2cm:

For what it's worth, I think Bonochick would do a good job moderating PLEBA.


I'd love to be a mod as well- PLEBA, Lemonade Stand, It's a Musical Journey, or any other forum that needs it.
I don't think pleba needs another mod

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I know there is no chance that i would be picked, but i do read that board everyday and frequently respond to topics that i have something to say about.

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I think ElevatedMole would be a great mod for PLEBA! She's always ther and she's really a cool person! I also agree with Hippy!

just my 2 cents!

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Originally posted by hippyactress:
Well, the only forums I really hang out in now are MP3s/Music on the Internet, The Goal Is Soul, and PLEBA...but I would enjoy being a mod in any of those forums.

I would love to see HippyActress as a mod in PLEBA. She is very involed in the forum, and a good leader. Everyone respects and looks up to her.

I would love to be a mod, but I don't think that I have the time to dedicate to the forum.

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wow, i don't check the forums for a couple days and there's a new forum and everything...anyway...i guess i would be a good mod in:

- lemonade stand
- anywhere else that'd be needed...?
Salome, I disagree, I think PLEBA needs a moderator that is solely dedicated to PLEBA, knows what is going on, has a finger on the pulse yah know?

Things in PLEBA can be easily taken out of context if you don't visit regulary, and in a PLEBAn's mind...regulary is every five minutes.

I think if Hippy calmed down a bit she would be great! I have not been an active poster on PLEBA for a few months but I still lurk a few times a day.

I would volunteer to help Mod the forum since I currently help Mod the MacPhisto Society Forum, and I think Sicy may remember when I tried to help PLEBA by having a town meeting a few months back, but since I don't post as much I probably won't get picked.

However, if you need someone who is impartial, yet still connected to the forum, then I am your lady.

Fishy <><

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I definitely think hippyactress would make a superb mod for PLEBA. She's fair and honest and still very involved, but she doesn't seem to get carried away with some of the *coughcatfightingcought* that goes on at times.
I'd vote for her.
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