New book about Spider-Man Musical including Bono & Edge

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The Fly
Jun 27, 2004
Sorry if this has been posted. I spotted that this new book about the making of the Spider-Man musical is out soon. I thought this might help hungry, feral, interferencers through the lean months of scarce album details. :)

“Song of Spider-Man” includes extensive quotations from Ms. Taymor, Bono, the Edge and others, from 2005 to 2011. Mr. Berger said in an e-mail on Thursday that many of those comments came from recorded conversations. Some came from his contemporaneous journal entries, others from memory.

"In Mr. Berger’s version of events, Bono is by turns absent and anxious, conspiring against Ms. Taymor in e-mail and late-night meetings, but then lamenting that a script rewrite after her dismissal “sounds like it’s out of ‘The Waltons.’"

New 'Song of Spider-Man' Book Exposes All The Grisly Details About 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark'

(Throws it into Interference, runs out, locks door)
Berger sounds like he was nothing more than an opportunisitic toadying two-faced turncoat in this whole saga :down:
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