My Version of Original of the Species

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Rock n' Roll Doggie FOB
Oct 22, 2003
Los Angeles, CA
just for fun i recorded myself playing OoTS on piano. i hope this version clears up some of the stuff thats hard to figure out.

ps: i do mess up at the 2nd intro part, i accidentally play an octaved E in the bass, which Edge doesn't play live and which i didnt do for the rest of the intro parts.

edit: it cuts out at the end for some reason, but you get the idea
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Sounds good! What kind of multi track recorder do you have? I like the delay with the piano!
Oh you dont happen to have the tab handy do you?
sounds awesome! is that the guitar pedal? you can use it for anything?

how did you plug it right into the computer?
yeah, its the guitar pedal. my sound card (Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS) has digital input, so i can plug this baby right into it and record onto Cool Edit Pro or Sound Forge or anything like that. it's really cool
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