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Jun 17, 2002
Show: mtvJAMMED
Episode: U2
Network: (MTV2) MTV2
Date: Wednesday - March 23, 2005
Time: 1:30/12:30c PM
Duration: 0:30

About: mtvJAMMED: U2
In this episode of mtvJAMMED, U2 takes over the streets of New York City while filming a video for their new single "All Because of You. The show follows the band as they traverse the city streets on the back of a flatbed truck from Harlem to the Manhattan Bridge, shocking fans and creating general hysteria along the way. Word of mouth via email blasts and radio reports were responsible for the thousands of people that were following U2 through the city stopping traffic as they pulled through Times Square. mtvJAMMED: U2 climaxes with a historic concert under the Brooklyn Bridge attended by more than 5,000 people. Not since "The Streets Have No Name" has U2 surprised the fans in this way.

....just in case you missed out
I've got to find someone that picks up MTV2. My cable company stopped carring it last year. :madspit:
Had this on video, commercial free, but accidently taped over it during the grammy's. Still heartbroken over that tape mix up.
It's such a fun video to watch especially the whole of mtvjammed.
All the energy and everone running into the park for the concert, since I couldn't be there I,at least had this video to get some feeling of what it must have been like that day.
'Had' is the operative word here however. I want it back!!!:wink:
*makes note to call friends to see if their cable has mtv2*
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