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Bad Exit

Oct 23, 2014
Since predicting the whole set list sounds like a nightmare, here's some individual predictions based on SOI:

Opening song: The Miracle
Song leading into Streets: Sleep Like a Baby Tonight
Speech at the beginning of: Raised by Wolves
Insert name of the city / local reference in the middle of: Volcano (Bridge)
Closer: The Troubles
I feel like Miracle or Invisible opens the show as you said.
Plus, I feel they will play Song for Someone with acoustic.
your prediction sounds spot-on to me
I feel like Invisible or Reach should open the show. The Miracle wouldn't be a great opener. Kinda like how Vertigo is great live, but COBL was a much better opener. Vertigo was great in the #2 spot, and I bet the miracle will be the same.
I also predict that we'll actually get a full version of Discotheque this tour and it'll be paired with Crystal Ballroom. It would make for a sick encore.
How about a Mofo-Crystal Ballroom-Discotheque-Sleep Like A Baby encore?....

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Random thought for the start of the "experience" portion of the show...

Beautiful Ghost/Introduction to Songs of Experience -> Discotheque

(I know it probably won't happen since most people won't have the first song unless they have Medium, Rare and Remastered which was the fan gift one year or have the album box set it's in (JT, I think), but imagine that ending "till the break of daaaaayyyyy..." into the album version Discotheque intro :D)
As long as it's not another mid- tempo song like Breathe. I actually like Breathe, but bad choice as opener. You had a kick ass drum intro and then there's no liftoff. Nothing for the crowd to move to.

I wish Zooropa would've opened some shows, I think it would've been great. I'll Go Crazy remix should've opened the main set rather than Breathe. It would've gotten the crowd into it a bit more and I think could've improved the very static 2nd half set lists.
This tour, I'm expecting/hoping Invisible to be the opener. It would be a great way to kick things off.

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A Zooropa opening would be incredible for us die yards but I think most of the crowd would stand around not knowing the song.

I love invisible but I'm not sure it's the opener simply because it's not on SOI, and they're going to want to make a SOI stand out first to push the album. I think it'll make the top 4 slots though.

I think that screen from the Invisible video will be part of the show for sure.

Anyone know if the stuff going on the screen in the video was happening in real time, or if it was done digitally after the fact?
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