Miscellaneous Picture Mix #24

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Guguza said:

:ohmy: Special guest appearance of the bottom teeth! :drool:


(Thanks Guguza -- first thing I saw this morning!)
bonocomet said:
Guguza your status should definitely say Blue Crack Dealer... no matter what your post count says :drool:

Thanx Bonocomet!

Well I'm a Bonoholic. :yippie:

Dunno if you know but I'm actually working at Bonoonline Forum as a Mod... where everybody knows me as Bonita.

I'm so sorry for not post more often here... :reject:

Btw, B was posing for the police so problably a Cop has the front pic.
That was from their roadtrip around the States after the JT tour - hence why the other two aren't there.

Good picture, I get the impression that Bono's mid-sentence in saying something with his mouth full and it's so rude/nonsensical that the kid next to him has to pause and try to comprehend it.
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