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Heh...I guess you wouldn't want to read what a certain hateful Mormon wrote here then.

Ultimately--and unfortunately--it's an uphill battle to change attitudes like this. What I can suggest, however--and this goes for everyone--is to speak up. That "Mormon bitch" certainly has no qualms about expressing what she believes, and if we find it offensive, we should speak up and tell people like her that she's wrong and offensive at the same time. If she can express what she believes with no shame, then we should speak up with no shame.

Granted, there are times when we don't want to "disturb the peace," but if we want the voices of reason and acceptance to be heard, then we must speak up to be heard.
butter7 said:
thank you guys for you answers!

talk about myself, I think I'm kind of A type person. From time to time, I trying to keep at least one or two gay people around, we go shopping together. I could discuss almost everything that a girl interests but usually could not have a honest opinion from a straight guy, with them, like clothing, make up, skin care, beauty tips, good restaurant...etc, etc...

I think they are the most fantastic type of people, and they really understand the word "gay" - Bright, joyful and lovely.

Seriously? Seriously?

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