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Jul 5, 2000
Maybe it would be a nice idea, if possible, to add some questions to the profiles of the members of this forum.
I think about listing (optional) your top 5 U2 songs, your top 3 artists other than U2 and maybe date of birth.
Especially the first two suggestions could prevent the same topics being posted every time someone joins the forum.
Not that that's happening now, but when time progresses it could very easily become a 'problem'.
By the way you're all a hell of a job !!!!!
Dang, where is Achtung Bubba when you need him ?

Shake it, shake it, shake it
Hey Salome I agree with you I think poptarts should take a strong step in avoiding redundancy,without being undemocratic.
Another thing that can be done is members can put their photographs or a unique identity beside that bottom line.
Mr.Beasley I can't believe that this forum is running without you

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Also not a bad idea:
When someone clicks 'post' they could be asked again if they really want to start a new topic or just wanted to reply to an already existing one.
It's an easily (and quite often) made mistake.

Shake it, shake it, shake it
This is with reference to Bubba's post regarding suggestions to avoid redundancy.

Well I think POPtarts here have to take a harsh step.You just have to stop the The Fools(No offences) from posting a topic.Two reasons.
1-They straight away post a new topic instead of searching it in the forum.
2-They're unaware with the forum and after couple of posts they realize how things work.

Or another way would be that The Fools should seek the permission from the POPtarts first, or rather advice kinda thing, which ever way without losing people to join in the forum.It will be great to have as many fans at the same place.
Thats it for now but I'll be giving it a serious thought though and will try to come up with something.

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Isn't there a possibility to put the name of the state or country a member comes from underneath their nickname. Because there are a lot of where-are-you-from-kind-of-questions in different forums that could be avoided this way. Also, you'd know where members are talking about when they use the 'where i come from'-phrase without out them saying over and over again nor do you have to look it up in some almost forgotten and/or 3-page long post

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