Melbourne - September 17, 1984 (30 years ago today)

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Mar 15, 2004
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Wow! I wrote the below 10 years ago here and now well...

“So what’s the deal with this Picasso dude Mr. Wilson?”

A simple question you would expect from your typical 11th grade Art student. But all was not to be typical for me, who asked that above question.

There we were, 12 of us studying Modern Art, 8 girls (Toni was hot, probably still is) and 4 of us guys. Apparently, there was a Picasso Exhibition coming up soon at the Melbourne Arts Centre. Well I thought, at least we get half a day off….

As we arrived at the Arts Centre, Mr. Wilson told us the usual crap about not touching the artwork etc. and to make sure you are well aware of your surroundings to prevent any unfortunate accidents. I just remember thinking that if he talked any longer I wouldn’t be able to hear the chorus of the Eurythmic’s ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’ that was playing over the bus radio at the time (“falling on my head like a memory…..”). We were also told that the afternoon session was closed for schools only and that while we were there, we would probably be the only class and that it would include the head curator showing us around (Wow, How cool!).

We of course had spent many hours in class going over Picasso’s works and of course, would be able to recognise all his works immediately upon seeing them. The exhibition was arranged in a grand hall where one could see every piece at once from any point. Here’s me thinking “Gees, we’ll be outta here in 30 minutes and have to go back to school!” Anyway, while the curator is pointing out and lecturing about various works and looking very resplendent with his purple and pink striped bow tie, I notice 4 guys and a girl all dressed in black looking at some paintings about 20 metres away. Lucky bastards were allowed to go to school dressed up as casual as they like, and one of them was wearing a wide-brimmed black felt hat too! What’s going on here?

Then the girls in our class start whispering and pointing at these kids. Toni goes up to them and lets out a loud gasp, “Bono?” The man (I thought he was a kid because he wasn’t that tall) turns around and says something like “Hello, and how are you?”

Fricken hell! I think I’ve heard about these guys. Didn’t they sing Gloria and New Year’s Day? I believe they did! Hmmmm, let’s go say hello too.

Yep! It’s been confirmed! All four members of U2 and Larry’s woman (all dolled up with a bad 80’s perm, and leather pants too: WOO HOO!).

WOW! There’s 12 of us here (don’t worry about Mr. Wilson) and we were all talking to the band. They loved it, except Larry, he was probably thinking about the Harley he saw one down the road before.

I didn’t even know these guys were in town! Well to be honest, I wasn’t a real big fan but I had heard of them before. Bloody hell mate, this is great! Absolutely awesome! I gotta find out when they’re playing!

So there was a lot of small chit-chat (I can’t truly remember what exactly) about stuff like “How do you like Melbourne?” and “Where’d you get that awesome hat Bono?” and whatever else.

But the bottom line was we had just met and spoken with a cool band from Ireland that made records! I had to find out when they were playing.

AAARGH! By the time I got home and rang the Bass ticket agency, they said tonight’s show was sold out although there was still a handful of tickets left for tomorrow night. They were selling for about $25 I think. I didn’t make that much money in a month with my paper round! Stuff it I said! I called a mate up and said do you wanna go? No worries was the answer. Got my Mum to drive me to Knox City, picked up the tickets for the 18th and we were all set.

Well, the concert was another story that was immense in itself but I ‘ll save that story for another time.

And that’s my story of when I met U2. 30 years later, they’re still my favourite artist and have been for most of that time and that intro to Until the End of the World still gets me everytime…….
Bravo for you very cool story.
1984 was a magical year for U2. Remember the first time they played Pride on the radio and thought jeez, here we go they are going to be BIG...not my indy band anymore!
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