Let's all pray for Bono.

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The Fly
Jun 18, 2002
I think we since hearing about those threats as spritual people all say our own personal prayer for Bono's safety. It seems that all great people in the eyes of Jesus are put into harms way an good exsample of the Dr. King though Bono will not be as sadly King was we all need to pray for him and his family. So I will say my prayer out loud if you want to repeat it go ahead.. Dear God in heaven I ask of you to look out for your servants life, to protect , to guide and to let Paul David Hewson continue to help out those who truly need a hand and a heart. So as I and so many others pray for him keep an eye out for him dear Jesus. Now as always will he praise you and do your good works, Jesus please let no fool, no coward, no evil stop him from doing your will. In Jesus name amen.:angel:
I will do this

It just makes me so :( and terrified to think of anything happening to him - or Adam, Edge, or Larry. I truly believe God will protect them.
These poeple ot person(s) are just really sick.My prayers are always with Bono.STOP THE VIOLENCE NOW!!


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