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Whimsical Dancer

May 1, 2002
From within shadows
Just when I thought I had listened to everything that moved me. I heard U2 on the radio so many years ago?I have been listening and following them since the release of WAR.

I?m a junkie they are my habit.

Just another new kid in town wanting to say hi to everyone.
Hey! and a big GRAND Welcome.It really amazes me how you you guys have been sticking along for so long.

Gravity Pulls Me Down,U2 Lifts Me Up
Originally posted by Whimsical Dancer:

I?m a junkie they are my habit.

I started between October/War.

They are my only religion.
Welcome...and may this board take up all of your spare time...

"Yep...Silver and Gold!!!" - Bono

We'll Shine Like Stars In The Summer Nights...
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