July 23, 2015 - Madison Square Garden - New York City, N3

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My buddy and I got to NYC from Richmond VA around 2:15 or so. Waited to see if we could meet the band as it seemed eminent but it was not to be as they bee lined into the arena. Walked around to the GA line and got our numbers. 227 and 228. The line was well organized by the LNs. Great job whoever handled this. In general met some great people in line!

Got into the arena around 6:30ish. Found a mid court rail spot on edges side. Perfect for what I wanted.

Over all the band was great. I was excited for some of the set list shake ups. Lots of action right in front of us. The only downside was the drunk asshole beside us. He was the one who threw his shirt at Edge. Anyway security had to deal with him on multiple occasions. It started out as him being loud and obnoxious. Then it turned into him inviting all these people from the back of the crowd and pushing them into rail loots. After he took his shirt off and threw it at edge he got into a physical altercation with the guy behind us.

Ok let's get back to the band. Right and on point. Overall great show.

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What a great show! I feel it was the best one I've seen - but then again, this is only my third U2 show, so what do I know?

But the energy from the crowd was the best part, and the band was in high spirits, so that's why the show was so great.

"Mysterious Ways" was probably the most memorable. Firstly, Bono and Edge got quite close to each other, and here's some good shots of that from Instagram: (not my pics, but some good ones I found)


Secondly, Bono pulled a young woman onto the stage, and she had the Colombian flag with her. While she danced, she unveiled the flag, where it read "We are waiting for U2 in Colombia". Here's a pic from Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/5gHBLMuPV1/?taken-by=u2ietour

Bono seemed sheepish, and said they'll make an effort. He then let the young woman, named Marcela, to be the Meerkat cinematographer.

When Bono pulled a guy to play guitar on stage, the guy was from Brazil and he was over the moon about playing with the band. Methinks after this South American contingent, U2 may ponder a major world tour someday!

Again, great show, great vibe, great energy! Bono may have flubbed a few songs, but so what? Everyone had a great time!
I was against the rail at the e stage, northside. That is exactly where I wanted to be. There is no place I would have rather been in the world than standing about 4 feet from the stage, watching this band I've been listening to for 34 years, this band that really is ridiculously important to me.

I took a few photos, but I really wanted more to be in the moment. It's more fun watching something without looking through the camera lens on your iPhone! So I concentrated on taking it all in.

Adam Clayton spent the most time on our side of the stage. He looked self-assured, confident and happy. At one point he leaned over to the girl standing to the left of me and handed her a guitar pick, which was a really sweet thing to do. I spent time at PLEBA crushing on Adam back in the day, and he's the only band member I've met, so I found it pretty amusing that he was the one who played to the north side the most. Edge also spent a lot of time at the north side.

Bono seemed to face the south side more. But he did throw a book over my head during the transition between Raised By Wolves and UTEOTW. What can I say? I could barely take my eyes off the man. His hair looked almost goldenrod underneath the lights, obviously slicked back. I remember seeing him at that same arena, JT Tour, the boy with the shoulder-length brown hair that he kept flicking out of his eyes by tossing his head to the side. We're all getting older. I like what he's become.

Lucifer's Hands was definitely a highlight of the show and very well received by the crowd around me. Sweetest Thing was cute, and it was great to hear All I Want Is You. Bono embraced that guitar player for what seemed like a minute when the song ended, and he looked very emotional. I, personally, would rather see a fan's dreams come true during this acoustical set than watch another performer make it all about them (Team Conan. And Colbert).

I don't think I'll ever love a concert so much again. Location, location, location. This location was perfect, and the rest of my life I'll have happy memories of standing at the e stage, watching My Band.
I was in the nosebleeds and had great time. I was expecting a bit of a shakeup and it didn't really happen.

I've gone to 2 MSG shows and missed both Jimmy Fallon and Lady GaGa.
My first of the 3 MSG shows I went to. First show in the US for me.
Showed up at 18:30 to face a laughing security guy asking me why I was so early... Well, I wanted to check the temperature of the arena...
"Come back at 19:30 buddy, nothing happens before"
Well, I did, and by 20:00 the arena was 70% empty. I started to freak out and wondered whether U2 would ever play a slightly empty venue announced sold out weeks ago.
Then of course I saw all these people outside the arena drinking and eating and trusted they would eventually come in.
Fortunately they did and the show started at 21:00ish.
Was so impressed by the acoustic of the venue, premium!
Great energy throughout the gig, and this is when I decided to purchase tix for MSG 6 (I only had tix for 4 and 5)
Shows number 25, 26 and 27 over 30 years of fanship... Will aim at 30 to make it one show per year by the end of December. Living in China (for the past 18 years) is not making things easy but am aiming at Paris and London, and, if it happens, Dublin!

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