Its Officially Stinking Hot Actually

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Aug 24, 2002
In a frock in Western Australia
Its been so stinking hot lately that I havent been shopping for 3 weeks. We live near a huge shopping centre where it is impossible to park so we just walk to the shop. Except its been too hot to walk so now we have completely run out of everything. I also usually walk my daughter to daycare but its been to hot so I have been spending a small fortune on taxis.

The sweat slowly builds up under your bra until it dribbles all the way down your stomach so your shirt sticks to your wet skin, usually when your talking to someone important. Same goes for the waistband. The back of your shirt sticks to the chair. The Mail Man decides to "test" the ergonomic chair samples everyday just so he can sit down inside for a minute. The smoke reaking "Water Man" suddenly becomes the most eligible guy in the world. The cool, dark fire escape suddenly requires intense inspection and reinspection to determine if the doors still comply with fire standards, just in case they had deteriorated in the past hour. And everyone holds out for lunch as long as possible in the hope that someelse will crack first and go to the shop and buy everyones lunches.

Today it has cooled ie it would be cool enough today to go for a swim without getting 3rd degree sunburn - except that is its shark weather today so we cant go for a swim.

I will finish by saying - The rockmelons are woop woop from the sticks. (still feeling very foreign)
I have never been that warm :drool:

I think I might die in heat like that, I can't survive during our "heatwaves" which might be the equivalent to a cold day where you are without getting headaches, drinking gallons of water, and having the fan going all day long.

I don't know how I'll even cope in France and Spain :lmao: :slant:
we've had a few 45-46 days this summer, not like last though where we had about 3 weeks over 45+.
people are so sick of me talking about the weather and how hot it is where i live, but honestly. i live in a vacuum. the blue mountains are about 20 mins west and stop all breeze coming that direction, and any breeze coming from the east is gone by the time it reaches here as i'm about 30 mins from sydney. it is so flat and so HOT hot it gets unbearable. we dont even get much humidity which most people are grateful for, but i disagree a bit. when you're sweating buckets already, a bit of moisture in the air is a good thing.

i love heat, but not in this flat, still, movement-less oven. we have no trees, nothing.

i swear my area must have the highest skin cancer rates in aus.
I'm from the southern US, now living in Canada and this is my first Canadian winter. My initial enthusiasm is waning now, my reactions to winter went something like this:'

Wow! breathtaking picturesque
wearing thin
permanently chilled
subhuman windchills
&(^%&*(#$)@# (unprintable)

Today its "warmed up" to minus 12. I live on coffee and soup at work.

Coming from the south I know where you're coming from when the mercury just won't budge day after day, and Toronto gets really hot in summers too, but right now I wish I could steal a bit of your heat off you. You'd be glad to be rid of it, but I could sure go for it about now.

Just could be in International Falls, Minn. working outside like some of my mates.


-23F, but feels like -38F - wind chill temp(for the Celsius folks that is -31 and -39).

I have lived through a few days like that in Minneapolis. -1F wind chill feels nice and toasty compared to a plain old outised air temp of -20!!!! :up: :yes:
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TheGenericPoet said:

Coming from the south I know where you're coming from when the mercury just won't budge day after day,

Mercury. :|

Every summer some moron will break a thermometer and then vacuum the mercury!!!! :mad: DO NOT do this at home kiddies. Its extremely stupid. Its the mercury VAPOUR thats lethal. Vacuuming it up means you are redistributing the vapour around the room as a vacuum will only pick up objects and blow the vapour right out the back of the vacuum cleaner. Not only is this very dangerous for the vacuumee but it then means the vacuum cleaner itself has to be disposed off professionally by the hazardous chemicals guys. This is not cheap and vacuum cleaners are not small. ie this is a toxic and environmental nightmare. We have had one call already this summer, the usual call that means our office means emits more swear words than the FCC has heard in its lifetime - "Hi, how do you get mercury out of a vacuum cleaner"........ :huh:

The moral of the day is

Do Not Vacuum Toxic Chemicals, Okay.

</end of safety message>
That is interesting beli.
When Angus (the dog) ate a thermometre, the vet never said anything about the vapour. Once I knew he was not going to die though, I focused on those little bitch balls of mercury which are impossible to clean up with a paper towel. Glad I didn't vacuum.
I'm not too sure, I was not too keen to go sifting through his mess to find out. The remedy to this is cotton wool soaked in egg white. The guy I rang at the vet to ask said "You might have some trouble of course getting the dog to eat this" I laughed and said"No, it won't be a huge problem I don't think" It wasn't a problem.
our windchill was -15 today and will be -24 tomorrow. :drool:

and beli is my favorite newbie crustacean. :love:
hihihihi :sexywink:
you can highlight my (dog's) excellence in your sig!

btw there is something for you in my journal, or yours..i can't remember where i put it though.
My God there is a huge storm brewing.
There have been the worst ones the last few days.
The other night one was so bad, we lost power then it came back in a brown-out which always freaks me out. Something entirely unnatural and creepy about the lights all turning orange at half strength. I then nearly shit myself when the appliances started beeping at me. The microwave beeped continually as if it had cooked something but forgot to stop, the clocks flashed weird random times, instead of starting the flashing 12:00 and about 3 globes all blew at various times.
Victora had bizarre flash flooding today.

Thunder, Lightning, The way you love me is frightening.

Kewl, We have thunder!!! It hasnt rained in Perth for months, the norm. Finally it smells like rain. Its been stinking hot today - got up to 41.5 celcius (106.7 fahrenheit) and is only getting down to 28 celcius (82.4 F) over night so its HOT and humid.

But at least we have thunder!!!!
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