It's official #who likes beer?

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Apr 9, 2002
The Kingdom of Blargh
Buffy, that's who.


The anti-social apartment mates left a giant bottle of rum in the communal fridge :hmm:

party over at easytiger's place! :hyper:

I don't drink, but I would like to get revenge on them for stealing my snapples :angry:
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I hate beer and Larger its too bitter!

I love smernoffs and bicardi brezzers as well as malibu and pinapple and wine and BAILIES MMMMMMMMM.
sometimes I can mad at beer...but it understands
I can't stay mad
I hate the taste of beer, but hey, I don't mind the way it makes me feel at all. It's pathetic, I drink something I hate to get something I want. :reject: :help: :banghead: :shocked: :censored:
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