It's official #I need a new aftershave so I need your help

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I'm hooked on Calvin Klein cologne for myself. Eternity or Contradiction or CK One. Yves Saint Laurant isn't bad either. Someone gave me Dolce & Gabbana for Christmas and I like that too. I don't like anything Jovan or Giorgio Armani, but the latter is popular so maybe its just me. :lol: lol @ Old Spice. My sister and I used to get that for our dad for Christmas when we were little, those tacky sets that come in a box with talc powder and a soap on a rope. I can't believe its still on the market!
dont get the one in the dark green bottle...whats it called?
you know!
it smells ok, but is very old now and everyone has owned it at some stage...

whats its name?
you know the one!

mental blank :mad:
goodnight interference.
i can sleep now, knowing i know brut.

infact, i can now have nightmares about it.

i do kinda like it though....

Oh slomey, please add Gillette Arctic Ice to your to buy list. I like it and it is pretty smelling.

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