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May 22, 2002
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About a month ago, I thought I'd lost a very special ring. This ring has seven rubies in it, all mined in an old "public mine" in North Carolina which closed a couple of years ago. My parents and I took the rough rubies directly out of dirt in the mine! We didn't buy them, we mined them! Then we got them set in a ring.The rubies in those mines in North Carolina are "pigeon-blood" rubies, very high quality and absolutely gorgeous. Because the mine closed the ring is quite literally irreplaceable. No amount of $$ could get me another one. About a month ago it came up missing. I didn't know how this happened because I keep it in a very secure location. I couldn't find it anywhere. I was so upset and stressed. I got my priest and congregation praying for me to find it. I asked St. Jude and St. Anthony to pray for me. Then this afternoon I was looking for a watch in my drawer because the watch I've been wearing broke. I couldn't find the watch, but lo and behold, there was the North Carolina ruby ring! I am in shock. I shouldn't be shocked that prayer works, but it did. I am so happy!:happy: :happy: I need to calm down a bit but what the heck, not a problem!!! I am calling my priest tomorrow with the excellent news. He'll be pleased as punch.
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I need a few deep breaths......................
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In the grand scheme of things I'd rather read a headline reading "Starvation stopped in Afghanistan", "Childbirth deaths stopped in Afghanistan", "Guinea Worm Disease Stopped in Africa", not to mention "AIDS Pandemic Stopped in Africa as All Patients Get Retrovirals". I was stressed about the ring mainly because it's irreplaceable. It's a tiny thing, those rubies you pull out of that mine aren't exactly huge. It's sentimental and I'm psyched. :cool: :cool:
bonosloveslave said:
That's great that you found it - God cares even about the 'little' things :yes:

Absolutely. After all, *I* can't stop starvation in Afghanistan--I can only help. I *could* find my ring. This definitely made my week!
Don't put yourself down for this, I completely understand the sentimental attachment to a piece of jewelry. I recently lost an angel ring that I was attached to. Wearing it gave me comfort. I think I lost it at a movie theater, that it slipped off when I was drying my hands and into the trash :( It was too late to get it back by the time I realized it was gone. It never showed up at their lost and found either.

My Mother gave me another angel ring for Christmas, but I'm still sad about the other one. Of course I have found other pieces that I have previously lost or misplaced. It does feel like a miracle when you find them :)
Indeed, it's the little things that make up our lives. God knows we can't all be doing major things all the time, and no doubt finding your ring made you a happier person that day! That's a good way to be :)
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