IO: you know you are getting old when

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Ody said: post at interference from you real-life office job!


Ill have you know I was on a break.


I kid you not

Adults can do that you know

When Mrs. Edge and I went on vacation to San Diego and fell alseep at 7:30 p.m.

...only to receive a phone call at 9:30 p.m. from Mr. BAW, who was whooping it up at a bar, just getting his night started :reject:

Yeah...2 women in their 30's sleeping for 14 hours on the first night of vacation makes you feel kinda old :(
When your kids ask: 'Mum, what was it like to live when the history of rock started?' :mad:
'Did you really dance to Led Zeppelin at discos?' :dance:
:shrug: Maybe you have extraordinairy thelepathic skills but you always forget this 'cause your getting older ??:wave:
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that must be it, yesh

and, we're never offtopic
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