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New Yorker
Jul 16, 2000
Beneath the noise, below the din
Remember me? I decided to log back in and can't believe I remembered my credentials. This place is like a time capsule. I have such wonderful memories of this place from way back! It looks like my last post was about a week before I gave birth in 2007. I'm now the very proud mama of a 16 soon-to-be 17 year old son named Brennan. I only thought my world was all about U2 until the blessing of my son came along. I haven't followed U2 in years, but logging back in has me wanting to play catch-up. I still love the music. The memories. Life just happened and my focus shifted--i grew up. Lol. Anyone else from back in the day out there? Take care y'all!!!!
Great to see you again! I've quit Interference several times and I'm still here. :D
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