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Miles Davis' Pharoah's Dance


Pink Floyd's On the Run


Ahhh, Music To My… Eyes? | Symbiartic, Scientific American Blog Network
You mean you'll use a bunch of science-y sounding words with little to no understanding of them and in a complete bastardization of their intended use? :wink:

Exactly - sort of like how scientist use the word "god"
I think I had read somewhere the record for time spent in that room is only 45 minutes or so. The silence becomes somewhat maddening
I'm sure some weirdo movie scientists would like to practice with hallucinations in there:


I guess hearing all your blood pumping and joints moving would be offputting.
Pretty cool. But you'd think the Discovery channel wouldn't use phrases like "completely remove AIDS"
bomac wow look at our little jewel planet great article

cobl ha i guessed it might have been paint on thin stretched surface subjected to various music!

i know about some of the sand sound experiments.


i'm currently reading on & off brian Green's book on the various posits of Parallel Universes how various experiements & theories have lead to these. plus history of physics theories through the last several 100 or so years

verrrry interesting!
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