Instrumental Songs in the waiting area?

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Oct 28, 2023
Does anyone know (if at all possible) where to find the So Cruel, Ultraviolet, instrumental songs that play in the area (concession) before you go in to the sphere?

I think they were also played at the U2 / UV experience
Do we know who came up with these new versions yet? Is it too obvious to suggest Brian Eno?

I wonder if there's ambient mixes of the whole album...
thank you all for sharing this information, so glad to see this now!

I saw the show in early October and to me this was the big news, these remixes are awesome and are possibly the best thing to come out of the AB era, this is the kind of stuff that should be on a reissue.
I stayed an extra hour in the venue after the show to listen to these, i even taped them just in case it would not see the light of day (suffice to say my recording is sh*t)
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