i was wondering if anybody has seen this Stuck in a Moment single.

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Oct 17, 2000
I came across a limited edition French Stuck single with the following tracks...

1. Stuck in a Moment
2. Big Girls are Best
3. All i want is You (from the Manray show)
4. Even Better than the Real thing (from the Manray show)

Does anyone know anything about this release? It also came with 6 picture cards of the band.
I don't really know anything about it beyond what you posted. I was aware of its existence previously
The single you came across is pretty rare -- only 15000 were pressed. If you can get it, that's awesome. (If you can get it for ME, that's awesomer!)

And yes, "awesomer" is a word.
yes, i did manage to get the single and was hoping it would still be there. you see, i saw it at Border's of all places and didn't have the money so i went back a couple of days later and there it was. pretty cool single, a good investment.
Hey I want that one. Lately, I have been spending a lot of money on imports... I got two versions of the Elevation single, and I got the Stuck single with Big Girls are Best and BD (quincey and Sonance Remix). I guess that's another one. I'm going to check out Barnes and Noble for it... And the Q magazine with u2 on the cover...

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