i was kicked out of zootopia.

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Stories for Boys said:

uh, twin...didn't "cba" get kicked out...not "lilly"...or am i crazy...or did daisy search under cba...who knows.....................

no twin, daisy is in the know. twas cba. she knows that.
LOL madamc!!!


Tried Zootopia a couple times.
Got lost.
Got confused.
Got OUT.

I like my little blue home best....
daisybean said:


If you look just above Elaine's post Lilly you will see I already 'splained it :p


yes, i noticed. i'd like to point out that i run faster than you. i'd also like to point out that the question was directed toward me and thusly i was answering it. also, i wasn't mean to you in the response...i even gave you a *gasp* compliment. :no:
zonelistener said:
CBA! Whooo hoooo!

before you can go around talking about cba you have to bring me a crystal pez dispenser, your library card, and those little wandy things you use at work. :rolleyes:
Lilly said:
same ol'stuff..blah blah...she's scary...blah blah...she hates everyone...blah blah...really talking about how choosy we are with who we let into our cliques blah blah.....

Oh sorry... that was my post. I'll edit.

"Sicy is like, uh, REALLY scary, dudes. Yeah, that's it. And Elvis - whoa!"

That should clear things up.

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