I REALLY need to stop talking to Interferencers right before I go to bed

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Aug 18, 2000
Burbank, CA
I've become quite addicted to chatting with Interferencers over the past few weeks, and I usually spend the later hours involved in a long chat with one person or another. Sometimes several.

This is not a problem.

What is rather unsettling is the fact I now dream about chatting. Over the past week or so, I've had dreams that continue the chat I was having right before I went to sleep. It's starting to blur the lines between fact and ficton. I'll be dreaming that I'm still chatting and I'll inevitably find myself going "Did they just say that for real, or am I just dreaming?" Inevitably I'll wake up and vow not to let my chatting go on as long as it did the night before.

And now I've started talking on the phone with several of my fellow members, it's clear that my phone bill shall soon baloon to a previously unheard of size. I can only imagine what it will look like after this month. I certainly need to accelerate my job search to accomidate my new habit.

For some reason, none of this bothers me as much as it probably should.

...er maybe the dream was where Bubba and Bama had tied up Gonzo while Bama was tickiling him w/a long french feather while I was serenading him like Pavarootti-ya think?

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I am ashamed to admit I dream about you people as well.

** sucks juice out of brain before sleep.
I dream about the chat room too! Also the chatters....

Look...look what you've done to me...You've made me poor and infamous, and I thank you...

My name is MISS MACPHISTO...I'm tired and i want to go HOME...

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I dream about people here too...

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I dreamed about one person here once, and that's all I'm going to say. (Not that there was anything scandalous about the dream.) I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened more often.

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In an inadvertant kind of way, I got suspended from work this week (for 3 days, right after I get back from Chicago!) due to chatting too late.

I wuv you guys.

Promise to still love me and feed me when I am living in my cardboard box.


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Miss, shut up! lol, and well, I has had my share of nightmares, the weird think is that no matter that we have our share of "sleeping chat", many of us come back for more.

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Originally posted by Like O2:
I got plenty of time since I don't have to plan a trip to the Austin GA line.


I've not dreamt of chat, but I do find myself wanting to enjoy a Bebe Swizzle throughout the day (if you weren't there then don't ask) that's not a threat... I'd hate to tread dangerous territory
I don't dream about chat - I just make myself take a "computer break" when I spend too much time... but I sure do wish it was as easy to get a beer in the real world as it is in there...

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