I officially think I would look better like this

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personally I was thinking in yellow teints
but if you really want to go with red, then red it is!

I think I suit the red face its a change from the pasty look, and it suits my hair colour. :hmm: I really need my hair cut - thats my hair on a good day :slant:


i think you'd look better like this :flirt:

although i've never actually seen what you look like so i can't really say how you'd look better :shrug: :lol:
i shall pm you some pics ABEL I only have one on interference but its a year old and since then I have changed LOADS!

I look horrible though you have been warned.
I never got that all your base are belong to us

Or something like that :shrug:

Ok ABEL I sent you some pics :up:
~LadyLemon~ said:
You and Slomey are hot!! :drool:

That was us in the ladies bathroom in a club in Belfast...Salome is a woman now :shifty: I have the pictures to prove it :shifty:
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