How to open .mix photo files?

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Jan 11, 2001
San Jose, Ca USA
Hi everyone!
Someone sent me a photo but it is huge (2M) and it is in the form of .mix .... I have been trying to figure out how to view this for the past few hours and its not happening. I have a bunch of programs, but it won't work at home on Windows XP or at work either...
I told him the pic didnt work so now he also sent it as a zipped file...took quite awhile to download and then it sais that I dont have a program to open this file :(
Is anyone familiar with this type of file? How can I open it?
Thanks for any help :)
tell him to convert it from a .mix to a .jpg or .bmp would be the easiest way

but i found this, so you might try it

Need to convert .mix files to .jpg quickly and without needing PictureIt? I figured out the easiest way to do it:

1. Have the said .mix file saved on your computer somewhere. "My Documents" is easy enough since it'll only be temporary.

2. Open up Microsoft Word and click on the "Insert" menu.

3. Click on "Picture" and then "From File..."

4. Find the .mix file that you have saved on your computer and insert it into the document. Now you should be able to view the image as a part of your Word document.

5. Now, in order to save it as a jpeg, just go to the "File" menu and click on "Save As."

6. Save the document as a "Web Page" (again, let's say in "My Documents")

7. You won't notice anything different, but then go to where you saved the web page document (in this case, your "My Documents" folder) and you'll see that there's the web page file along with a folder titled "filename_files." Open this folder and inside you'll find the .mix image saved as a jpeg. Then feel free to rename the image and place it wherever you'd like.

Please note that this has only been tested on Windows XP Professional. If anyone can try this on other Windows formats and see if it works in more or less the same way, then please post your findings here.

Hope this helps.
let me know if it works, if not, there may be something else you could try
it didnt work :mad:
I swear I have tried everything. I actually had already tried that and it still didnt work. It shows up as a thumbnail but when you try to open it from in Word or any other program it sais "Not a valid file or cannot be opened in this program". I tried it in PhotoImpact and Word. Im so frustrated!
here is a link to download a free 30 day trial of a program that would allow you to open the .mix and even convert it if you want

its a program called polyview, it should work but i dont have any .mix's to try it out with. if you dont feel like downloading and installing the program (its like 2.5 mb) you can send me the pic and i could convert it for you and send it back, my email is

good luck
Hey chizip I am gonna email you this pic....I cant figure it out otherwise!!
And thanks for the help :yes:

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