Friday, March 1, 2024 - Sphere, Las Vegas, NV

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Clerks dumb. I found Pop Shop with merch. But I know merch is slightly different at show...

I love the logo and the colors.

What did you gals and girls end up buying. I didn't buy merch the last 2 tours, but this seems stupid not to buy something as it's Vegas.

Also -- I found The Sphere walking up Sands -- someone the directions inside the casinos vanished and I was told to go outside. I know the thing wasn't open as I think I found the end of the walk way, but I didn't find how to get there. I will make Las Vegas my bitch!
I got the tee with Astro baby, the hoodie with the spheres in the back, coasters, ornament and guitar picks over 3 trips. In 20 years, I have bought the above, one tour book and a vertigo key chain (plus the yearly fan club membership).
I bought 3 T-shirts - the Achtung Baby cover and 2 U2:UV tees. Wanted to buy a few more things but my carry on was pretty stuffed. 😅
That is the one I have. Had to wash it in cold water and leave a post it on the washer to fish it out so it would not go in the dryer. Seems fine for now, but I am sure I will eventually forget and have it become useless.
I bought the same one as Headache and Miroslava. I've only worn it a few times since then, but it seems to be holding up okay. I hang dry my shirts for the most part though, so maybe that makes a difference?
I bought a grey U2UV T-shirt from Etsy after I went in November, just could not bring myself to pay those prices in Las Vegas.

It has the same logo as the ones I saw there, was much cheaper, fits well, and didn't shrink. Same quality as the ones in LV.

Wash concert t shirts inside out in cold water and dry flat
Cold water has worked on my end, as well!

Truth be told, I didn’t really buy much for clothes mech over the years due to the huge difference in variety/sizes at times. But I’ve tried to make more of an effort in post-pandemic years, due to a few reasons. I’ll usually get a larger shirt and have it hemmed (if necessary), then avoid hot water or heat from the dryer, which seems to keep them in decent condition. no matter the quality.
I got 2 xl tees at the show in October, ordered 2 more off this year. All 4 shrunk enough to notice after a couple washings, while my 2 zooropa 30 xl shirts from the web sale are fine using the same washing methods. Slightly annoying.
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