Ehud Olmert - 1......Israel - 0

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Jul 18, 2001
Tel-Aviv, Israel
About an hour ago, the Winograd commission submitted its final report on the handling (or mishandling) of the second Lebanese war between Israel and Hezbollah.

I won't go into the details (you'll find everything on the internet in a while) but I will say that the bottom line is that PM Olmert got off scott-free in this report.

The war went very badly for us (as everyone knows) and the report lays the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Israeli army and its then COS Dan Halutz (who resigned a few months ago) and defense minister Amir Peretz (who also resigned).

The one person who comes off blameless in this report is PM Olmert - not surprisingly since HE was the one who appointed the commission in the first place, and also limited it's scope of responsibility. Meaning that the commission didn't have the authoritiy to call on anyone (i.e, Olmert) to reach "personal conclusions" (which is PC talk for resignation).

So basically, it's like a baseball player forming a team where he's the batter, the pitcher, the first baseman, with his bat and ball, he appoints the referee and makes the rules, and then the umpire declares him safe in each inning even though he clearly misses the plate. Some game, right?

No doubt Olmert is sitting in his office now and rubbing his hands with glee, happy that his neck was saved at the last second.

It's really strange that both Dan Halutz and Amir Peretz saw the writing on the wall and resigned before being asked to, but Olmert sees the writing on the wall and shifts his eyes to another part of the wall in case there's OTHER writing......

But don't worry, the Israeli people are strong and we have no intention of letting this farce stand. There will be a massive protest rally in Tel-Aviv next week and I will be at the front row, waving my sign and calling on this failure of a PM to go quietly.

Without a doubt, Olmert is the worst PM we ever had and the Israeli people will not tolerate him staying in power for much longer. We deserve a lot better.
Re: Re: Ehud Olmert - 1......Israel - 0

DaveC said:

Ask the Lebanese how they feel about that, then get back to us.

Hello Dave,

Just what is that supposed to mean? Our war was with Hezbollah not with the Lebanese people.

It's not our fault that Hezbollah purposely hid their hideouts and headquarters among the civillian population. Unfortunately, the terrorists have no regard for human life and were hoping for as many civillian casualties as possible so that they could paint us as monsters.
Re: Re: Re: Ehud Olmert - 1......Israel - 0

AchtungBono said:
It's not our fault that Hezbollah purposely hid their hideouts and headquarters among the civillian population.

No, but it is your fault for going ahead and bombing them among the civilian population anyway.
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