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Jul 2, 2018
I have reached the time when I think I can handle parting with a large portion, but just wish it wasn't primarily due to financial necessity. However, the fact that I kept saying, "I didn't know I had this," when I was updating the spreadsheets is an indication that there are a lot of things I won't miss!

There will be some items that I end up realizing I have too much of an attachment to and can't let go of but I think I will manage not to hyperventilate over the majority! So far, there is only one item that has a definite "never for sale" note on, which is the four autographs I got after my first U2 concert in 1983, where I got pulled up on stage to dance with Bono! (I was 19, and excitedly recounting the experience took up 11 pages in my diary! :love:).

I can send you a link to the document in Google Drive, which is divided up into spreadsheets for each media type. Because there's so much I haven't had time to look up the values on everything beforehand but between Popsike and Discogs I can sometimes get an idea of the average. The prices seem to fluctuate too widely on eBay; for instance, I see the Wide Awake in Europe EP for as low as around $50 to as high as $225. Some of you will probably know more than I do about what things are worth anyway. Also I can definitely bargain even more when it comes to quantity.

I still haven't had a chance to take photos of all the posters and postcards but I do have a picture of the buttons that I can also attach. Thanks! Oh, and I live in Oregon in case it's even more convenient for you to actually see it.
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