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Vertigo, All Becaue of You, Elevation, Walk On, Desire (Slane DVD), One (Slane DVD)
discotheque, Are you also on the U2 sound forum board? I saw the name there, I tried to post on that site, but it wouldn't let me, and there is no contact info for the Smurphy guy.???
Vertigo -- try the BD-2 Distortion, all the way up to turbo, but turn the bottom know down to maybe 9 o'clock and turn teh tone knob to around 3 o'clock. Use the pedal as a volume pedal to turn up the volume during the bridge / chorus. For the quiet part ("all of this. . . ") turn on the delay. Set the main knob to "400-2000 ms" and turn the time knob to about 7 o'clock (around 420 ms).

All Beacuse of You. Also use the BD-2 Distortion and the same delay setting, but turn the "Tone Modify" knob to hollow.

Elevation - This song is mainly Distortion, I think the "Scream' setting is good for this, just turn the drive all the way up and turn down the Bottom Knob. For the bridge ("Love, lift me up. . . ") turn off the distortion and use the Tremolo setting for the MOD pedal.

Walk On -- For this song, i think a light distortion like the DS-1 and about 420-440 ms of Delay would do it.

Desire (slane) - Choose a light distortion (maybe the "Modern OD" or "OD-1" and turn the Drive knob down to maybe 10 o'clock.

One (Slane) -- Turn the Tone Modify knob to "S>H" or Hollow. Turn on some distortion, possibly Od-2 or Modern OD and turn the Drive knob to about 2 O'Clock. Set the delay to around 420 ms . For that sort-of farty overdrive that he uses during the secornd verse, try out the "Muff" or "Face" distortion settings, but keep them low.

I've never played through an ME, so i'm not sure what the distortions sound like exactly. It looks like a great pedal though. If you ever need to sell it. . .

Yeah, i'm on the U2 Sound forum, but i haven't been there in a while. Could you give me a link?:wink:
u2 songs

can somebody help me to get sound of u2 of the next songs??
Pride In The Name Of Love
City of Blinding Lights

I have a boss me50
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